Minelab’s EQUINOX 700 and 900 Series Offer Ease of Use with Expert Features

A recent post showed up on a metal detecting site asked, “I have been wanting a metal detector for a long time. I would like something lightweight, waterproof, of great quality, but easy for a beginner to learn on.” Searching further on this site revealed many similar questions. Apparently, a lot of people are looking for a metal detector with these characteristics. Well, look no further. The Minelab EQUINOX series covers all these needs and more.

While the EQUINOX 600 and 800 have been around for a few years, the EQUINOX 700 and 900 are new to the field. The features on both models make them a great choice for new detectorists as well as experienced hobbyists. A highly sought after feature for any user is a lightweight machine. The 700 and 900 weigh only 2.8 pounds. (This is slightly less than even the 600 and 800 at 2.96 pounds each.) This allows the user to swing lighter and hunt longer without tiring. If traveling, both machines feature a three-piece carbon-fiber shaft and pack down to only 24 inches (61 cm) for carrying in a backpack or suitcase.

More and more detector users are opting to leave the land and enter the water in search of treasures. The EQUINOX 700 and 900 are submersible to five meters (16 feet) deep. This increased depth over other machines can help recover coins and jewelry in water that a non-waterproof detector can’t reach.

Whether the user decides to search in the water or on land, the Minelab EQUINOX 700 and 900 offer Supreme All-Terrain Detecting. Each features Park, Field, and Beach search modes. And the built-in Multi-IQ Technology means your machine can hunt All Metals, All soils, All the time. The EQUINOX 900 also includes a Gold Search Mode.

These two Minelab detectors are designed to search on land or in the water, but also in daylight or dark. New features include Control Pod Flashlight, Red Backlight Display, Backlit Keypad, and a Handgrip Vibration so your search doesn’t end when the sun goes down.

With the addition of the 700 and 900 to their lineup, the world’s best-selling metal detectors got even better. Both machines offer high-resolution target ID’s and improved target separation. A total of 119 total (99 non-ferrous and 20 ferrous) target ID’s help users better distinguish between trash and treasure like never before.

Another great Minelab feature on the EQUINOX 700 and 900 is the advanced audio control. Both machines offer five different Audio Modes with user-configurable options, which allow the sound of treasure to be even clearer than before. Detectorists will not only hear a different sound indicating trash or treasure; they’ll also be able to gauge its size and depth simply by listening to the signal.

Crystal clear audio is an important feature in a detector. The EQUINOX 700 and 900 come with lightning-fast Low Latency Wireless headphones and In-Built Speakers or optional Wired Headphones and Waterproof Headphones offered as accessories. These superior audio aids are extremely helpful when detecting in noisy conditions such as wind, crowded parks or beaches, or other areas where quiet signals from deep targets could be missed.

The Minelab EQUINOX series lets a new user begin the hobby with simple start up and go features, but they also have multiple advanced features, so even a highly experienced detectorist can input various programs suited for their own needs.

The EQUINOX 700 detector comes equipped with an 11 inch searchcoil, wireless headphones, a charging cable and a getting started guide. Available options include a car charger, headphone adaptor, waterproof headphones and six inch and 15 inch coils. The EQUINOX 900 is standard with two coils – 11 inch and the 6 inch – wireless headphones, charging cable and getting started guide. Available options include the car charger, headphone adaptor, waterproof headphones and a 15 in searchcoil.

And since a quality metal detector must be able to withstand long, hard use, Minelab is committed to leading the pack for performance and support, the EQUINOX 700 and 900 are backed by Minelab’s global network and up to 3-year warranty.