Military Armament Corporation’s M2 Semi-Auto Defense Shotgun

Military Armament Corporation’s M2 Semi-Auto Defense Shotgun

Knoxville, Tennessee – The necessity for mobile, survival, personal and home defense becomes more evident with each passing day! When it comes to overall effectiveness, versatility and adaptability, there is no better firearm for such situations than a shotgun, Military Armament Corporation’s MAC 2 Tactical Wood, 12-gauge! The MAC 2 shotgun is light-weight, versatile, highly maneuverable, and highly effective when it comes to close range encounters. The affordable shotgun easily fits a family’s budget and performs equally well for law enforcement.

The MAC 2, chambered in 12-gauge for 3-inch shells, receiver is made of 7075 aluminum and is built to manage shotshells up through the hardest-hitting magnum loads. The shotgun’s inertia system helps control recoil and allows for quick accurate follow-up shots. Its lightweight, 6.5-pounds, makes it quick pointing and easy to carry on all day patrols.

MAC 2’s 5 + 1 magazine capacity is designed to accept Benelli M2 magazine extensions for increased shell capacity. The safety is located immediately behind the trigger and can quickly be moved quickly from “safe” to “fire”. The large knurled charging handle provides excellent grasp and traction, even while wearing gloves.

Barrel length is 18.5-inches with a 22.5-inches sighting radius. The MAC 2 comes with adjustable metal front and rear sights which make for quick pointing and rapid target acquisition. The barrel accepts multiple chokes and comes with three Benelli /Mobil chokes (1, 3 and 5) and a choke tube wrench. The MAC 2’s barrel and receiver have a black oxide finish. The receiver has Picatinny rail to accept reflex or closed emitter red dot optics.

The MAC 2’s classy Turkish walnut wood forend and stock features a robust recoil-reducing rubber butt pad creating one of the easiest and quickest defensive shooting shotgun platforms on the market. MAC 2 is compatible with a Benelli M2 stock and shim sets which permit custom adjustment for drop and cast.

While similar what distinguishes the MAC 2 from the MAC 1014 are the receiver, stock and sights. The MAC 2 has a matt-finished Turkish walnut forend and monte carlo stock, while the MAC 1014 furniture with pistol grip is a polymer. The MAC 2 has an 7075 T6 aluminum receiver.

MAC 2 Tactical Wood Specifications

Action: Semi-auto, Inertia System

Chamber: 12-gauge

Chamber Length: 3-inch

Receiver: 7075 Aluminum

Receiver Finish: Anodized

Barrel Length: 18.5-inches

Barrel Finish: Matte Black Oxide

Sights: Adjustable Metal Back and Front

Sight Radius: 22.5-inches

Overall Length: 41.25-inches

Overall Height: 4.5-inches

Width: 2.5-inches

Length of Pull: 13.8-inches

Overall Weight: 6-pounds 8-ounces

Stock/Forend: Turkish Walnut

Optic Compatibility: Picatinny Rail

Chokes: Benelli/Mobil 1, 3, and 5

Sling Compatible: Yes

MSRP: $549.99

About Military Armament Corporation

The new Military Armament Corporation is rooted in the era of resurgent American resolve – when we stood between the massed divisions of Soviet troops and our western European allies, hunted drug cartel kingpins in South America, and when being called a communist was the greatest of insults. Many of our products pay homage to the weapons carried by small groups of men in unites forged from the hard-learned lessons of previous decades – Munich, Desert 1, Entebbe, Son Tay, Medellin and Panama – on the missions that defined counter terrorism, direct action, and counter narcotics. While we take our inspiration form the days of caterpillar moustaches, Thomas Magnum, and Sonny Crockett, our contemporary products represent the cutting edge of firearms technology in design and manufacturing for government and commercial clients. Whatever your mission, Military Armament Corporation has your back!

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SDS Imports is a premier manufacturer and importer with offices in Knoxville, Tennessee and southwestern Turkey. Established in 2017, the founding partners of SDS Imports have decades of combined experience in importation, manufacturing, engineering across various industries, from firearms and plastics to large-scale distribution. This expertise allow SDS Imports to work closely with their partners around the globe to ensure success in the US market. SDS technical staff assists manufacturing partners with on-site engineering initiatives, compliance expertise, and marketing efforts to ensure success in the diverse US firearms market. SDS maintains strong relationships within the industry to afford new brands the opportunity to enter established sales and distribution channels, reach new customers with targeted marketing, and offer unwavering customer support. SDS Imports is the exclusive distributor for Tisas USA, Tokarev USA, Spandau Arms and Military Armament Corporation.


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