Michigan: work for the DNR in forestry or firefighting

Hands-on thinkers and doers who care about the outdoors, enjoy varied job duties and can operate trucks or heavy machinery – a career in wildland firefighting or forestry with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources may be for you! The department is hiring foresters, forest technicians, and full-time and part-time firefighters.

Learn about open positions and requirements in the postings below. For more information, email

Firefighting ?

Michigan: work for the DNR in forestry or firefighting

Firefighters suppress wildland fires, conduct prescribed burns, operate heavy machinery, maintain equipment and assist with forest management activities. Must pass a fitness test to qualify.

Forestry ?

Foresters and forest technicians sustainably manage forests, develop forest treatment plans, mark timber, prepare bid packages, evaluate proposals and inspect sites in a mix of outdoor and office settings.

Why forests?

DNR Forest Resources Division Chief Jeff Stampfly said Michigan’s nearly 4 million acres of state forest lands provide clean air and water, materials for a strong forest products industry, and places to hunt, fish, hike, ride, camp and relax.

“Successful, science-based forest management is serious business, and we are excited to add to the ranks of our dedicated, creative staff,” Stampfly said. “Everything we do is geared toward making sure that Michigan’s forests are thriving, now and for future generations. This isn’t just a chance to get a job, it’s an opportunity to launch a career that gives back to the outdoors.”

If you or someone you know wants to work outside, make a positive difference to Michigan’s natural resources and use some of the latest technology – give these opportunities a look.