Mesa Tactical Offers New SureShell Carriers with Fallon Rails

Mesa Tactical, designer and manufacturer of high-quality tactical accessories and equipment for law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters, has announced the availability of the new SureShell carriers with Fallon rails specifically designed to utilize the pre-drilled and tapped mounting holes located on the top of the Mossberg 590 Shockwave and the Remington Tac-13/Tac-14 shotguns (12-GA) receivers. These SureShell carriers include integrated Picatinny rails that extend the length of the barrel.

Offered in both aluminum and polymer yokes, these rails are manufactured in compliance with MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny specifications and feature M-LOK accessory mounting slots which provide versatile mounting solutions for a wide variety of lights and lasers. The versions for the Remington 870 Tac-14 and Mossberg 590 Shockwave have two slots, one on each side of the barrel, while the version for the Remington Tac-13 has a single slot on the left side of the barrel.

The SureShell aluminum carrier yokes are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and feature a unique and robust Santoprene elastomer shell retention system. These shell carriers work well in virtually all climates and environments, and due to their metal construction can hold up to the daily use and abuse to which arsenal weapons are commonly subjected. These qualities have endeared them to a growing number of law enforcement professionals across the US.

The SureShell polymer carrier yoke is made from durable, impact resistant polymer and includes an innovative dual rubber friction system that reliably holds shotshells in place. Both models are secured to the receiver by a lightweight aluminum back plate.

“The appearance of short-barreled Shockwave-based shotguns from Remington and Mossberg has been the most exciting development in the shotgun sector in the last few years, said Mesa Tactical President Mitch Barrie, “But performing a tactical reload on a stockless shotgun can be a little tricky. The full-length Fallon rail makes it easier to grip the weapon in front of the receiver while reloading, particularly when the barrel is already hot.”

Additional SureShell carriers can be attached to any variety of metal brackets or mounts depending on the shotgun platform supported. SureShell shotshell carriers are available for the Remington 870/1100/1187, Mossberg 500/590/930/940, Benelli M1/M2 and Benelli M4 (all 12-gauge, though there are also 20-gauge SureShell carriers for the Remington platforms). There is also a line of SureShell carriers for the Remingtons, Benellis and Berettas that include integrated Picatinny optics rails.

Prices and availability

The Mesa Tactical SureShell Carriers with Fallon rails are available now. For more information contact or visit Mesa Tactical’s website at


94080 SureShell Polymer Carrier and Fallon Rail for Moss 590 Shockwave (6-Shell, 12-GA, 18 in) $165.00

94070 SureShell Aluminum Carrier and Fallon Rail for Moss 590 Shockwave (6-Shell, 12-GA, 18 in) $185.00

93080 SureShell Polymer Carrier and Fallon Rail for Rem Tac-13 (6-Shell, 12-GA, 18 in) $165.00

93430 SureShell Aluminum Carrier and Fallon Rail for Rem Tac-13 (6-Shell, 12-GA, 18 in) $185.00

93060 SureShell Polymer Carrier and Fallon Rail for Rem 870 Tac-14 (6-Shell, 12-GA, 18 in) $165.00

90720 SureShell Aluminum Carrier and Fallon Rail for Rem 870 Tac-14 (6-Shell, 12-GA, 18 in) $185.00

For more information on the company’s line of unique, professional-grade products, contact Mesa Tactical at 775-333-9800 or visit