Mesa Tactical announces collaboration with KynSHOT® on adjustable and non-adjustable hydraulic recoil reducing buffers for tactical shotguns.

Mesa Tactical announces collaboration with KynSHOT® on adjustable and non-adjustable hydraulic recoil reducing buffers for tactical shotguns.

Reno, NV — Mesa Tactical is excited to announce a new agreement with Kyntec Technologies,
culminating from a years-old partnership, providing Mesa Tactical the exclusive right to
distribute KynSHOT’s entire shotgun line of hydraulic recoil reducing buffers. These recoil
buffers mount to Mesa Tactical’s US-patented LEO® and High-tube® line of telescoping AR
stock adapters. The new agreement will provide Mesa Tactical customers with additional recoil
reducing options by up to 90%.

Any Mesa Tactical telescoping stock kit can be upgraded with a KynSHOT adjustable or nonadjustable hydraulic recoil buffer which replaces the receiver extension tube, converting the AR15 telescoping stock into a recoil-buffered stock assembly. The products combine KynSHOT’s
time-tested hydraulic recoil buffers with Mesa Tactical’s precision-machined, investment cast
aircraft grade aluminum stock adapters, meeting the stringent standards of military and law
enforcement users. The new adjustable hydraulic recoil buffer offers the greatest upgrade by
allowing professional operators to reduce recoil by up to 90%. The recoil reducing hydraulic
buffer kits are available for both LEO and High-tube telescoping stock systems, or the hydraulic
recoil buffers can be purchased separately. These recoil buffers accept Mil-spec collapsible
buttstocks only.

Zuly Rivera, Marketing Manager at Mesa Tactical, expressed her excitement about the new
agreement stating, “KynSHOT has been a great vendor for many years and has been devoted to
reducing recoil since their inception. The chance to partner with KynSHOT and combine their
adjustable and non-adjustable buffers with Mesa Tactical’s American-made, quality stock
adapters is something we are excited about. KynSHOT’s hydraulic recoil buffers offer customers
a robust and precise recoil management system that will rival anything on the market.”
“We are very excited to have taken our partnership to the next level with Mesa Tactical. For years
we have had a successful working relationship with Mesa Tactical, starting with the launch of our
non-adjustable shotgun buffer in 2020.” said Jacob Spyche, Sales Manager at KynSHOT. “With
Mesa Tactical’s experience in the firearms industry, and success with our non-adjustable shotgun
buffer, we thought it made total sense to have them distribute our entire shotgun line, handling
many of the major names in the firearms industry. By taking our partnership with Mesa Tactical to the next level, we are very excited for what the future has in store, and we look forward to providing the industry with the highest quality products together.”

Mesa Tactical’s telescoping stock adapter kits replace the factory buttstock with an adapter that
accepts AR style collapsible stocks and pistol grips. LEO Gen II stock adapters have a stock
height that allows use of open or bead sights; High-tube stock adapters feature an optional optics
rail and are designed for AR height optic systems. Complete telescoping stock kits include a stock
adapter, M4 carbine buttstock, Mesatac® Trego® pistol grip and a push-button sling swivel.
Hydraulic recoil starter kits include the stock adapter and a hydraulic recoil buffer, plus
installation hardware (no stock or grip). No gunsmithing required for installation. These hydraulic
recoil buffers are exclusive to Mesa Tactical and will arrive to customers with or without the AR
stock adapter.

• 91320 KynSHOT Adjustable Hydraulic Recoil Buffer (Mil-spec)

The KynSHOT RB5100 is a patented adjustable shotgun buffer that fits in any Mil-Spec style
thread on the Mesa Tactical shotgun adapter or tactical shotgun. The RB5100 comes with three
adjustable damping settings (low, medium, and heavy damped), weighs 13.5 ounces, and can be
used with any mil-spec collapsible stock. As each adjustable setting is increased on the RB5100,
the hydraulic damping force increased approximately 15% (from low damped all the way up to
heavy damped). The RB5100 reduces felt recoil up to 90%, allowing users to stay on target,
reduce muzzle rise, and increase target acquisition speed, making this one of the most effective
recoil reduction solution you can put on a shotgun.

• 92240 KynSHOT Non-Adjustable Hydraulic Recoil Buffer (Mil-spec)

The KynSHOT RB5103 is a non-adjustable shotgun buffer featuring the latest advances in recoil
management, at an economic price point. The buffer is permanently set at the medium damped
setting (featured on our adjustable buffer) and offers the same dramatic recoil reduction, without
the adjustability feature. The RB5103 can fit any Mil-Spec style thread on the MESA Tactical
shotgun adapter or any tactical shotgun and can be used with any mil-spec style collapsible stock.
The RB5103 reduces felt recoil up to 70%.

Prices and availability

Mesa Tactical dealers can now shop the popular hydraulic recoil buffer models which include the
KynSHOT non-adjustable recoil buffer, and the new KynSHOT adjustable recoil buffer. For
more information contact; or visit Mesa Tactical’s website at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Media members interested in field testing a Mesa Tactical product for an editorial review should
contact Zuly Rivera at (775) 333-9800.

92240 KynSHOT Non-Adjustable Hydraulic Buffer (Mil-spec) $186.00
91320 KynSHOT Adjustable Hydraulic Buffer (Mil-spec) $200.00

About Mesa Tactical

Mesa Tactical’s innovative, rugged, and reliable tactical equipment is the choice for law
enforcement, military, and the public to meet real world duty and personal protection
requirements. Specializing in enhancements for the tactical shotgun, Mesa Tactical’s products
include stocks, forends, shotshell carriers, and Picatinny rails. For more information on the
company’s line of unique, professional-grade products, contact Mesa Tactical at 1775 Kuenzli
St., Reno, NV, 89502 • Telephone: 775-333-9800 • or visit

About KynSHOT

KYNTEC Corporation/KynSHOT was founded in 2012 with the goal of introducing innovative
hydraulic recoil buffers, and other motion control designs to market. KYNTEC’s founders
believed that the focus of the organization should be solely on the customer, by developing and
implementing energy absorption solutions that meet their applications needs. KYNTEC
Corporation/KynSHOT’s specialty resides in our capability to design, develop and manufacture
custom engineered hydraulic recoil buffers, and other motion control products with quick lead
times. We recognized the demand for a better recoil solution and launched the KynSHOT® brand
to improve user experience and proficiency with these firearms. What started as a single AR15
Carbine buffer has grown to include models for multiple firearms and platforms, becoming the
industry standard in buffer technologies.

92240 KynSHOT Non-Adjustable Hydraulic Buffer (Mil-spec)

91320 KynSHOT Adjustable Hydraulic Buffer (Mil-spec)