Meopta MeoStar S2 82 HD 20-70x Spotting Scope Named Editor’s Choice by Outdoor Life

Meopta MeoStar S2 82 HD 20-70x Spotting Scope Named Editor’s Choice by Outdoor Life

Meopta’s MeoStar S2 82mm HD Spotting Scope with removable 20-70x eyepiece has been named “Best Overall Spotting Scope” and winner of Outdoor Life’s 2023 Editor’s Choice Award in the full-size spotting scopes category.

The MeoStar S2 82 features premium, extra-low dispersion, fluoride-treated HD glass that eliminates chromatic aberration to give the sharpest resolution, contrast, and color fidelity possible. The Outdoor Life test team noticed the outstanding performance citing the MeoStar’s best-in-class optical resolution and image quality, extremely tactile focus and power changing controls, sharp edge-to-edge clarity, excellent internal coatings, and outstanding price among other factors that made this premium spotting scope stand out in the test.

“The price—the real-world street price is around $3,000 for both the body and the 20-70-power eyepiece—is about $1,000 lower than its European peers, but you get the same vivid image, the stunning edge-to-edge clarity, and the velvety controls. In short, the MeoStar is an investment-grade spotting scope that is a relative bargain when considered against its competitors.”

“The Meopta easily won our low-light test, and topped the field in optical resolution. The test team especially liked the long-range detail it produced, even at higher magnifications.”

  • Andrew McKean, Outdoor Life Hunting, Conservation, and Optics Editor

The S2 82 HD spotting scope’s optical system, with MeoBright™ lens coating, is optimized for twilight, giving hunters and nature observers the advantage of seeing fine details more clearly at extended ranges in low light. External lenses are also protected by Meopta’s proprietary MeoDrop™ hydrophobic coating which repels water, dust, and grease from lens surfaces while the MeoShield™ anti-abrasion lens coating offers added protection in rough terrain. The scope also has a retractable sunshade.

The rugged magnesium chassis is available in a straight or angled body. The bayonet eyepieces are sold separately and available in 20-70x or 30-60x wide angle. The S2 82 HD spotting scopes are nitrogen purged, waterproof, fogproof and, like all Meopta optics sold in the United States, are backed by Meopta’s Lifetime Transferrable Warranty.

“We are honored to win Outdoor Life’s prestigious Editor’s Choice Award and appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into these annual optics tests,” said Erik Muller, Meopta Sport Optics Product Specialist. “Meopta remains committed to delivering European-quality optical performance for hunters, birders, and nature enthusiasts at great price points.”

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