MDT Sporting Goods Releases the Renegade – The Lightest Shooting Bag On The Market.

MDT Sporting Goods is excited to unveil the MDT Renegade – Ultra-Light Shooting Bag, the lightest shooting bag on the market, designed specifically for hunters and marksmen who traverse challenging backcountry terrain. This innovative bag combines extreme lightness with unparalleled durability, setting a new standard in shooting gear.

Key Features:

Exceptionally Lightweight: Weighs under 2 oz, making it the lightest shooting bag available, perfect for long-distance hunters who are conscious of pack weight.

Durable Construction: Made from highly tear-resistant ripstop material, designed to withstand harsh environments and tough use.

Water-Resistant: Features Spex Lite 5524B fill, which is resistant to moisture and maintains consistency in wet conditions.

Versatile Stability: The bag’s soft, pillow-like structure conforms to any surface, providing reliable rifle stability; includes a high-strength buckled handle strap for easy adjustment.


• Weight: Less than 2 oz

• Materials: Ripstop fabric, Spex Lite 5524B fill

• Dimensions: 8.5” x 5” x 2.75”


Take It Anywhere: Ideal for hunters who trek through rough and remote areas, the bag’s ultra-light design ensures it can be carried effortlessly over long distances.

Keep It Forever: Built with materials meant to endure the rigors of outdoor use, offering a long-lasting solution to outdoor shooting challenges.

Stability in the Wild: Provides a stable base on uneven terrain, allowing for precise adjustments and consistent shooting.

The MDT Renegade – Ultra-Light Shooting Bag is an essential addition to any hunter’s gear, offering minimal weight with maximum performance. It is designed to assist shooters in maintaining accuracy in the most demanding conditions.

This groundbreaking product is now available for purchase. For more information and to secure your own MDT Renegade – Ultra-Light Shooting Bag, please visit our website at MDT Sporting Goods.

About MDT Sporting Goods

Located in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, and Idaho Falls, ID, USA, MDT is a leader in the design and manufacturing of precision shooting products. With a focus on innovation, quality, and reliability, MDT’s products enhance the performance of hunters and competitive shooters globally.

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