McMillan Stocks Releases New A5-7 Rifle Stock

McMillan Stocks Releases New A5-7 Rifle Stock

McMillan Stocks is pleased to announce the release of our New A5-7 rifle stock. A variation of the combat proven, military legacy A-5 made famous by sniper Chris Kyle, the new A5-7 adds an enhanced long-range shooting feature.

McMillan has replaced the butt hook and short flat surface at the bottom of the butt with a 1” flat toe set at a 6-degree angle. The A5-7 rides a bag or rear rest with smoothness and consistency. This stock provides a truly all-purpose option for those who hunt with rifles that are capable in tactical situations.

The A5-7 comes with an ambidextrous vertical grip with thumb shelves for enhanced ergonomics from a variety of shooting positions. An adjustable cheek piece is standard with the A5-7 allowing for 1.25” of vertical adjustment for all face shapes and sizes. Made for the Remington style actions and clones, the A5-7 looks great with a long list of dependable actions.

McMillan Stocks, established in 1973, is a pioneer in the firearms industry being one of the first companies to produce synthetic stocks on a large scale. McMillan stocks were issued to US military troops in several rifles including the M40A1, M40A3, M40A5, XM3, and Mk 13 Mod 0.

For over 50 years, shooters have enjoyed the comfort and ruggedness of McMillan Stocks, which is the only company to offer a Lifetime Performance Guarantee. You can be confident that your stock will work perfectly under the most extreme conditions.