Maximize Drawlength with the TrueFire Edge FT

Maximize Drawlength with the TrueFire Edge FT

Introducing the TruFire Edge FT — a new forward trigger archery release aid engineered to maximize draw length, increase accuracy and enhance comfort.

By moving the index finger actuated trigger further up the barrel of the release the Edge FT (Forward Trigger) expands upon one of the most popular release designs ever offered from TruFire. This, enhanced profile, maximizes draw length by nearly one inch yet allows users to still find their optimal anchor point, without sacrifices to trigger pull or hand positioning. The result is less “floating” at full draw, a more solid anchor point, and increased accuracy. Adding to accuracy, the auto closing trigger is powered by a closed-bias, dual-caliper dime-sized head that leverages an ultra-smooth linear motion bearing for a consistently crisp, and clean trigger break. Users will appreciate the enhanced performance delivered by customizable trigger tension and travel adjustments — all easily set through the simple rotation of a set screw. Release length is also customizable to the user’s preference by simply loosening a set screw and rotating the release barrel to the desired length, and angle for a truly personal fit.

Not to be outdone by tactical attributes, the fit and finish of the Edge FT is second-to-none starting with hard-wearing anodized components on the trigger, jaws, and barrel of the release. The precision machined internal components are engineered and custom-coated to offer a durable and smooth trigger that functions flawlessly at the moment of truth. The ultra-comfortable leather buckle strap is available in olive green or black and features TruFire’s patented FoldBack™ design that allows users to fold the release out of the way, while not in use. TruFire’s TrapTab™ with its hallmark TruFire arrowhead triangle design pulls through the buckle easier making light work of putting the release on and eliminating the need for a “third hand” during application. The TruFire Edge FT for an MSRP of $89.99 at the finest retailers nationwide or online at

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