Matador Introduces Gear Tags: The Ultimate Solution for Secure Luggage Identification

Matador Travel Equipment, the award-winning producer of high-performance travel equipment, is delighted to unveil its latest innovation: Matador Gear Tags. This addition to Matador’s product line is designed to provide travelers with a reliable solution for securing contact information on any type of luggage or equipment, and easily identifying personal belongings.

Crafted with durable, weatherproof Hypalon and a Polycarbonate buckle, the Gear Tags offer exceptional resilience to withstand the harshest travel conditions. Each set includes two all-black tags, one with white hardware and one with black hardware. Travelers can write in their contact information or mark a bag’s contents on the waterproof interior of the tags. The custom adjustable hardware ensures versatility, by enabling installation on closed handles or loops of varying sizes.

“We’re excited to introduce the Gear Tags as part of our commitment to providing travelers with high-performance solutions that enhance their travel experience,” said Chris Clearman, founder and CEO of Matador. “These rugged tags not only offer practical functionality but also reflect Matador’s dedication to quality and durability.”

Matador’s Gear Tags (MSRP: $14.99) are available now at select retailers and online at