Lipsey’s Launches SIG SAUER P365 2A Editions

Lipsey’s Launches SIG SAUER P365 2A Editions

Baton Rouge, La.—Lipsey’s, a nationally renowned firearms distributor, has partnered with SIG SAUER to offer a new, exclusive lineup of 2A SIG P365 pistols with a donation to benefit organizations that fight to preserve and advance Second Amendment rights.

Lipsey’s and SIG SAUER have collaborated successfully on several exclusive projects, spawning some of the most in-demand SIG pistols on the market. This program is designed to support valued Second Amendment organizations, and the recipients of the donation will change annually. The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) will be the flagship partner for 2024. A $25 donation will be made to SAF for every exclusive 2A Edition P365 sold in 2024 with donations transitioning to a new partner next year. SAF has been leading the charge for fifty years to defend, secure, and restore Second Amendment rights. In the battleground of the courtroom, SAF’s fight for the Second Amendment has achieved great success in ending government overreach, as well as repealing unconstitutional gun bans and restrictive permitting laws that limit your right to self-protection.

A worthy cause demands a worthy offering, so Lipsey’s will exclusively distribute three different SIG P365 models: The P365, P365XL, and, for the first time, the P365-XMACRO COMP. All three models come in Coyote Tan with 2A prefix serial numbers, an extra magazine, and a double-sided SIG/2A commemorative coin.

Brett Frey, Lipsey’s Vice President of Sales & Purchasing, on beginning the new program. “We’re really excited to launch this project and partner with SIG to raise funds for worthwhile organizations that touch on different aspects of protecting and advancing Second Amendment causes. The fantastic work that the Second Amendment Foundation does makes them a perfect fit to be our inaugural recipient.”

“We are honored to be the inaugural beneficiary of this great collaboration,” said SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut. “The money raised through this initiative will certainly help us continue to fight those who wish to trample our constitutional rights. We are grateful to Lipsey’s and SIG SAUER for their continued commitment to SAF and their dedication to supporting our right to keep and bear arms.”

All three SIG SAUER P365 Lipsey’s Exclusive models will be distributed immediately. You can find more specs and information here: For more information on the Second Amendment Foundation, please visit:

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