Lindy Introduces B-MAX Bismuth Jigs

Lindy Introduces B-MAX Bismuth Jigs

Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle is redefining jig fishing. Keeping with a long tradition of fishing tackle innovation Lindy will release B-MAX – Bismuth Maximum Performance – at the 2024 ICAST show this summer in Orlando. Using a proprietary blend of bismuth and other metals, B-Max is comparable in size to lead but harder, which allows for greater sensitivity and stronger returns on live sonar.

The Lindy ICAST launch will include several proven Lindy jigs re-created in B-MAX, which provides better fishing attributes than lead and at a fraction of the cost of tungsten. Initial B-MAX jigs will include enhanced versions of the current Lindy Jig, Live Bait Jig, and Little Nipper, along with the re-introduction of the famous Max Gap Jig, with 144 variations to provide the right sizes and colors for a vast range of situations and species.

Using a proprietary blend and a unique molding process, Lindy is able to create jigheads that are comparable in size to lead jigheads of the same weight. Bismuth, which is the primary material in B-Max, is 50 percent harder than lead on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which results in greater sensitivity and a stronger return on sonar.

“Everything about the Lindy B-MAX Jig lineup is aimed towards the fisherman, from the super sticky and stout hooks to the amazing color selection and the extensive weight assortment. These are perfect jigs for any fishing situation” stated Jon Thelen, longtime Lindy Pro and Destination-Fish Television Host.

Concerns about the toxicity of lead health have long had tackle manufacturers seeking alternative materials for jigheads and weights, along with prompting stricter regulations in places regarding the sale and use of lead products. Size differences that impact fishing performance and higher cost have prevented previous alternative materials from providing an ideal replacement for anglers.

“This new material is a real game changer. Compared to tungsten the biggest difference is cost. B-Max is nearly half the cost of tungsten and fishes much better than lead,” said Ron Kiffmeyer of Lindy. “Unlike other lead alternatives, which sacrificed performance, B-MAX actually fishes better than lead, because it is harder, which means greater sensitivity,”

Lindy B-MAX packaging is completely sustainable, constructed from post-consumer recycled board and completely plastic free.