Light Up the Night in Style with the Fire Lily

Light Up the Night in Style with the Fire Lily

Matt McEntee, a DC maker, launched his inaugural Kickstarter campaign on May 13 for the Fire Lily, a sculptural fire stand that breaks down and packs flat. The Fire Lily is easy to set up and stow and makes a safe fire everywhere from the backyard to the backwoods. The stable design stands safely through high winds and protects the ground from scorching.

The design emerged from a commission during the pandemic. His friend wanted a way to bring people together while staying safe and warm outside. Fire is fascinating; what began as a simple build quickly turned to inspiration and obsession. Existing designs all had flaws: One popular model claimed to burn smokeless, but looked like a washtub and didn’t let users see or feel the fire. Others were made of flimsy materials and looked unsafe.

Instead of rushing to market, McEntee reworked his design over and over again. “I’d get a new prototype and try to make it fail–I’d kick and stomp on them. I even did field testing on the beach in a heavy Atlantic storm,” says McEntee. The result was a firestand that outperformed other fire enclosures on nearly every measure. The Fire Lily is durable, safe, easily portable and produces a big beautiful flame. Users can actually see and enjoy the fire, unlike competing models. When they are done, it packs away easily in a case the size of a violin.

The design is now patent protected, tested and ready for you! The Kickstarter gives early buyers access to the best prices. Production is lined up to deliver units in midsummer, perfect for camping season and fall bonfires! The Fire Lily is made in the U.S. from sustainable stainless steel.

McEntee’s new Kickstarter campaign has a goal of $26,500 to get it off the ground and into wider production. “I’ve lined up a number of U.S.-based makers to help me with the rollout. This way we can ensure rapid delivery on a short and ethical supply chain,” he says. “It’s not just the product that matters, but also making it in a way that builds sustainable jobs for Americans.” The Fire Lily is environmentally sustainable and made from easily recyclable stainless steel.

The Fire Lily’s x-factor is what makes all of McEntee’s work special: his commitment to a high-quality, sustainable product that will outlast the person who bought it. “When you cut down a tree to make a chair,” he says, “you should honor the tree by making something that will last at least long enough for a new tree to grow in its place.” This is the principle that guides all of his creations at MatthewMaker, LLC. The Fire Lily, with its gorgeous design, stability, and ease in travel, will attract new friends–for life.

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