Liberty Ammunition – Consumer Feedback

Liberty Ammunition – Consumer Feedback

BRADENTON, FL – Liberty Ammunition received another “Thank you” letter. This one is from a Special Forces Operator that was based at Ft Bragg. After moving to the west coast, a random stranger attacked his girlfriend with a knife and then threatened the Operator.

Big mistake.

Here is the letter:

“I first purchased your ammunition at a gun store near Fort Bragg when I was assigned there as a special operator (back when you still had the Special Forces crest on the box). My EDC was a Glock 19, which I kept loaded with the 9mm Civil Defense rounds. I left the military and moved to a large metropolitan area on the West Coast, where I continued to carry the same handgun and the same rounds. One afternoon, my then-girlfriend was stabbed in the back by a complete stranger in a random act of violence while she was a mere 10 feet away from me. Understanding that city’s unfavorable position on gun rights, I drew on him but didn’t fire immediately. I attempted a citizen’s arrest by shouting commands for him to surrender. Instead, he turned and threatened me with the knife. All it took was one shot to center mass. He dropped instantly.

Once I secured his person and found bystanders to apply pressure to my former girlfriend’s stab wound and dial 911, I grabbed a blowout kit from my vehicle and rendered aid to the attacker. When I lifted his shirt, I found the largest entry wound I’d ever seen from a pistol round. The exit wound was even larger. Occlusive dressings wouldn’t stick due to the volume of blood. The attacker died on the scene. She required emergency surgery, but she survived. In case you are wondering, the district attorney determined it to be a justifiable homicide. The police also revealed to me the attacker had a history of violence and was on bail for kidnapping. This can happen to anybody, anywhere. I just feel blessed that we did not end up as a statistic like so many others.

I want you to know that your bullet saved both of our lives. Needless to say, I recommend your products to my friends and colleagues. Keep making quality products, and I’ll continue to be a customer.


Gary Ramey – CEO added “It is an honor that Chris has carried Liberty Ammunition since his days at Bragg, and we appreciate his kind words. We pray for her recovery and are pleased that our ammunition dispatched the threat with one shot. We will keep producing the best self-defense ammunition for civilians, law enforcement, military, and people like Chris”.

About Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition is the leader in self-defense ammunition. The ammunition is available at top retailers nationwide. Liberty neutralizes the threat with unique combination of design and velocity. Liberty ammo features include:

·Hits Harder.

·Lighter to carry.

·Ruptures in soft tissue.

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