Leupold Wins 13th Consecutive Optics Manufacturer of the Year Title

Leupold Wins 13th Consecutive Optics Manufacturer of the Year Title

Leupold & Stevens, Inc., provider of the world’s most rugged, lightweight, and clear sport optics, is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as Optics Manufacturer of the Year for the 13th consecutive time by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW).

NASGW is comprised of wholesalers, manufacturers, independent sales reps, media, and service providers – both national and international – all of whom are primarily focused on shooting sports equipment and accessories.

“We are honored to be recognized as ‘Optics Manufacturer of the Year’ by the NASGW and our two-step distribution partners,” said Scott Cain, Vice President of Global Sales for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “We are grateful for the award and the testament it is to the relentless effort and incredible drive of the entire Leupold and Stevens team.”

Candidates for Manufacturer of the Year awards are evaluated by the wholesaler members on four criteria: distribution policy; marketing, sales, and promotion; logistics and operation; and NASGW and industry support. The comprehensive assessment of manufacturer performance is designed to provide a balanced appraisal that recognizes the best of the best, according to NASGW distributor members.

Leupold has won the award each year that it has been presented.

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