Legacy Sports International’s USA Patterned Firearms

Legacy Sports International’s USA Patterned Firearms

Legacy Sports International has you proudly covered for the Fourth of July with their collection of USA patterned firearms with red, white and blue as well as grayscale flag options. From pistols to rifles, the USA Flag collection forms a series of beautifully cerakoted firearms that will stand out from the crowd.

Our USA assortment includes our HOWA flag collection includes the APC Steel and Carbon Fiber Flag Chassis, the Mini Action Excl Lite and the TSPX Chassis. Within our CITADEL handgun collection, we offer the USA Flag pattern in the new 100% US MADE CITADEL CP9 9mm series, the very popular CITADEL 1911 full size 45 ACP and the CITADEL 1911 Baby 380 Auto. Cerakoted ammo cans in the USA Flag and Grayscale Flag are also available with the CITADEL handgun options. The CITADEL Trakr 22 LR Rimfires are also available in the USA Flag and Grayscale options for both the Semi Auto and Bolt action models. These firearms will set you apart from the rest and truly show your patriotic side on your next trip to the firing range. We’ve got you covered for your USA Flag firearms needs.

HOWA Flag Collection –

• APC Chassis Series including Steel & Carbon models – 6.5 Creed / .308

• Mini Excl Lite – .223 /6.5 Grendel / 7.62 x 39 / 6mm ARC / 350 Legend

• TSPX Chassis – 6.5 Creed / .308

CITADEL Flag Collection –

• 1911 .45 ACP

• 1911 380 AUTO

• BOSS25 12 GA. Shotguns

• CP9 9mm Series

• Trakr – 22 LR’s in Semi Auto & Bolt

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