Leading Tungsten Component Supplier to Establish U.S. Base Sales and Support for the Outdoor Industry

Leading Tungsten Component Supplier to Establish U.S. Base Sales and Support for the Outdoor Industry

Outdoor Industry Sourcing Experts – The Sports Products Group, to partner with RC Tech.

July 6, 2023 – Indianapolis, IN – RC Tech, the leading producer of Tungsten based products and componentry for outdoor recreation applications, today announced the formation of – The Tungsten Outdoor Group (TOG.)

TOG is a partnership between RC New Material USA (RCNM,) Tungsten Southern, LLC and Outtech, LLC. This new venture will be overseen by Henry Chen, Chief Sales Officer of RC New Material USA.

In addition, TOG has tapped The Sports Products Group (TSPG) to become TOG’s primary North American importer for products and components in support of OEM & retailer needs tied to the growth of Tungsten as a lead-free solution for outdoor recreation product applications.

For over 25 years, RC Tech has provided products and componentry to leading brands in the fishing, hunting, shooting, golf, tennis, and archery markets through its domestic sales arm, which will now be incorporated into TOG.

As TOG’s partner, The Sports Products Group will act as the primary distribution contact for customers and will utilize its over 20 years of experience providing sourcing & logistics support in the fishing, hunting, golf, tennis, and archery markets to OEM manufacturers and retailers.

Under this partnership, TOG will also benefit from access to a nationwide sales force through Outtech Sales Services supporting the project needs of outdoor retailers and other customers.

“By improving the efficiency of communication channels between our family’s factory and both existing and prospective customers, we can enhance our abilities to meet customer demands and expand our user base and market reach” Explained Chen. This, in turn, will enable us to fully leverage the advantages offered by Tungsten’s non-toxic properties, as well as its exceptional value in terms of weight and size ratios, particularly in the outdoor recreation industry.”

“Incorporating TOG’s impressive capabilities into our expanding network of factory partnerships worldwide will enable us to consistently offer OEMs and retailers the most competitive pricing and exceptional service for sourcing products or components in the outdoor industry. This addition further strengthens our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients and maintaining our position as a preferred supplier in the market” added Randy McIntyre, TSPG original founder and Managing Director.

Individuals seeking OEM manufacturing partnerships are invited to explore the offerings of Tungsten Outdoor Group. You can find us at booth 5260 during the upcoming ICAST 2023 Show in Orlando, FL. To secure an appointment beforehand, please feel free to contact us at 877-879-8716.


Originally founded in 1996 by Peter Chen who still leads the company today, RC Tech produces specialty metals solutions, such as Tungsten, for numerous consumer and industrial facing industries worldwide. As well as expertise in Tungsten, RC also has experience in Tungsten Copper Alloys, Tantalum, Niobium and Molybdenum. RC’s 150 plus employees stand proudly in a culture that is quality focused and Certified ISO9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 1401.


Founded in 2000, TSPG focuses our resources to shorten your buying cycles, reduce inventory and improve your product line development. We provide OEM product development and production for multiple leading outdoor national brands and global retailers. Our factories are up to date with major retailer certification that meet your highest standards.

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OH is the holding arm of Legacy1846 Outdoor Group, LLC, A long-term focused investor and holder of marketing & research service companies as well as brands dedicated to the outdoor markets.

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TS is a consultancy group focused on support of the application of Tungsten technologies in the North American Shoot, Hunt, and Fish markets.