Langdon Tactical Patents Beretta 92 LOW RDO Solution

Langdon Tactical Patents Beretta 92 LOW RDO Solution

(Phoenix, AZ) – Langdon Tactical an industry leader in custom gunsmithing, is proud to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark office (USPTO) has issued US patent number US 11,644,280 B2 titled: METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR OPTICAL ADAPTER FOR FIREARM SLIDE for the Langdon Tactical LOW RDO solution.

Long thought to be impossible, Ernest Langdon, President at LTT, set out to do the impossible by properly low mounting an optic to a Beretta 92 slide. After years of research, design, and testing, LTT released their 92 RDO Solution for Elite LTT 92 pistols in 2020. Recently they have expanded the solution to nearly all 92 series pistols. Ernest had this to say “At LTT, we are always finding ways to push the envelope. This patent is the culmination of years worth of innovative aspiration to bring the Beretta 92 into the 21st century with a properly low-mounted RDO solution.”

The Patent, issued May 9th 2023, reads “An apparatus and method for modifying a handgun to accept an optical sight comprises a modified slide mechanism adapted to include a flat recessed rear section configured to receive an adapter plate for mounting an optical sight. Various embodiments include modified internal components used to replace stock components what will no longer fit within modified profile of the slide mechanism. Replacements of the slide mechanism and associated internal components will allow a user to add an optical sight to an existing handgun.”

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