KUIU’s Latest Conservation Direct Initiative Leads On-the-Ground Conservation

KUIU’s Latest Conservation Direct Initiative Leads On-the-Ground Conservation

KUIU, the leading manufacturer of high-performance hunting apparel and gear, proudly announces its ninth Conservation Direct translocation initiative. In collaboration with the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) and Nevada Bighorns Unlimited (NBU), Conservation Direct reintroduced eighteen California bighorn sheep to the Montana Mountains of Northern Nevada. This historic translocation marks the first phase of a broader initiative aimed at restoring a robust and sustainable population of bighorn sheep, which suffered a devastating decline due to disease in 2016.

KUIU’s Conservation Direct represents a groundbreaking conservation initiative funded entirely by contributions from both KUIU and its customers. Every dollar invested is dedicated to executing specific projects identified in collaboration with non-profit organizations focused on game and habitat management. These initiatives are strategically designed to address critical environmental needs and ensure the preservation of hunting opportunities for generations to come. Since 2020, KUIU has contributed over $473,000 to support sheep conservation endeavors across various on-the-ground projects in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, North Dakota, and Montana. By transporting and reintroducing bighorn sheep in key habitats, Conservation Direct projects have significantly contributed to the increase of bighorn sheep populations across the Mountain West.

In April, an all-volunteer crew from KUIU, Conservation Direct, NDOW, and NBU actively participated in the capture and relocation process. The team successfully transported fifteen healthy pregnant ewes and three young rams via helicopter and reintroduced them to some of Nevada’s best sheep habitat. Like all Conservation Direct projects, this effort was fully funded by KUIU. The brand also set up a customer participation project to fund the GPS collars for the newly released sheep. Eighteen GPS collars were offered for sponsorship via the NBU website, and within six hours of a single email notification, all eighteen collars were fully funded by 63 generous donors. This program was KUIU’s quickest sell-out to date, serving as an extraordinary testament to the efficacy of the Conservation Direct model.

“On behalf of KUIU and our great customers, we are thrilled to partner with NDOW and NBU to make a direct impact on the future of California bighorn sheep in the state of Nevada,” says KUIU’s Director of Conservation, Brendan Burns. “Proactive sheep management with an emphasis on expanding both sheep numbers and hunting opportunities is a tremendous win for everyone.”

To experience this historic translocation and release, consumers can watch the entire process in KUIU’s latest film on KUIU’s website. To learn more about Conservation Direct, visit For media inquiries, contact Stacy Kline at


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PHOTO CAPTION: Volunteers with KUIU, NDOW, and NBU safely prepare a bighorn sheep for transport