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KOR Supports Disabled Veterans with Donation

Scottsdale, AZ, U.S. – KOR®, known for inventing and patenting the only universal gun storage transportation system, the VRS® (Vacuum Rigidizing Structure), is proud to support the Extreme Adventures Long Range Shooting Team with the donation of a KOR 5R Universal Firearms Transportation System. Founded by retired, military-disabled veteran Toby Prudhomme, Extreme Adventures is a 501(c)(19) nonprofit offering outdoor experiences and adventures to disabled veterans and their families.


“An important pillar of the KOR mission is supporting our U.S. veterans and showing our appreciation for their service and many sacrifices,” stated G.P. Searle, Founder of KOR. “Extreme Adventures gives disabled veterans recreational and social opportunities that foster confidence, friendships, and memories, and we are proud to back them while they bring enjoyment to the lives of those who fought for the freedoms we enjoy,” he added.

According to Prudhomme, “I’m an amputee myself, and Extreme Adventures shows other veterans that if a one-legged person can do it, anyone can. With help from people like G.P. and KOR, we get folks involved in something that gets them off the couch, requires discipline, and helps them realize anything is possible.”

“Last year, we provided veterans with antelope hunts in Wyoming, moose hunts in Idaho, and elk hunts in Montana,” said Prudhomme. “Today, we’re putting together a disabled veteran’s competitive Extreme Long Range (ELR) shooting team, and KOR stepped up to help us.”

KOR’s VRS gun case inserts offer endless customization options for transporting gear by replacing the bottom layer of foam. The insert secures guns and gear by conforming to the contents and delivering a tailor-made carrying solution for virtually any long gun. By eliminating the need to cut and store foam inserts, VRS provides a versatile, environmentally friendly option in a single product, “and it saves time, money, and storage space,” said Searle.

“The KOR VRS insert is a game-changer for our shooting team and me as a competitor,” Prudhomme commented. “It eliminates the headache of multiple cases and foam cut-outs for various shooting activities. I don’t need to store different foam inserts or modular foam pieces for the PRS matches, ELR matches, and 3-Gun matches I shoot or when I travel into the field for a hunt. One case with a KOR insert works for everything. Simply open the valve, swap out your firearms and accessories, and vacuum out the air. If you own more than one gun, you should definitely buy a KOR insert,” he suggested.

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Extreme Adventures is a 501(c)(19) Veteran’s not-for-profit organization founded to enhance the lives of America’s Veterans through recreational and social opportunities that reengage them with the activities they love and unite them with people who share similar backgrounds and experiences. Many of our nation’s Veterans who answered the call to fight came back hurt, sick, and injured. Now it’s our job to stand up for those who stood up for us. Since a lot of today’s veterans grew up on American pastimes like hunting, fishing, and sport shooting, we reunite them with the activities they love and connect them with fellow Veterans. This shared camaraderie leads to unprecedented levels of healing and bonding. We depend on donors to help make our programs possible. Learn more at


KOR develops cutting-edge technology to solve transportation and storage systems for outdoor enthusiasts. The patented KOR Vacuum Rigidizing Structure (VRS®) provides a reusable, environmentally friendly option for transporting guns, optics, and gear. KOR is a proud American small business in Arizona. KOR’s values of integrity, craftsmanship, conservation, and education make us different. We donate a percentage of gross sales to wildlife conservation, education, and supporting our Veterans. KOR is committed to developing and strengthening a community of like-minded, proactive sportsmen and women.

Media Contact: Silver Bullet Marketing, Laura Evans