Kimber Shipping KDS9c 15-Round 9mm Pistols

Kimber Shipping KDS9c 15-Round 9mm Pistols

TROY, AL — Kimber Mfg. has begun shipping the highly anticipated KDS9c 9mm, semi-automatic high capacity 1911 style pistol in both Black and Stainless-Steel models.

The new KDS9c is built to be the next generation of hammer fired semi-automatic pistol from Kimber. Delivering the highest capacity of any metal framed handgun in their lineup, the KDS9c is engineered from the ground up for concealed carry.

Featuring a 15+1 total capacity and optics ready capability, the KDS9c is a flexible design built to highlight the latest firearms trends for the individual looking for superior quality in an EDC handgun. To capitalize on this design, Kimber will offer three different types of optics plates that are compatible with Trijicon, Holosun, and Vortex red dot optics. The KDS9c features an alloy frame made with 7075 aerospace grade aluminum and features a fully integrated crosshatch textured design for the front strap and grip panels which deliver superior control. The KDS9c also utilizes a longer button for the magazine release which is reversable for left and right-handed shooters. A crisp 3.5-4.5lb trigger pull is at the heart of this new high-capacity masterpiece and provides class leading trigger characteristics you have come to expect from Kimber. Mountie Mizer, Vice President of Sales for Kimber stated: “This design was influenced by both dealer and consumer feedback; we are confident the market will love this new Double Stack. Since the NRA Show launch, we receive calls/request daily for the KDS9c, and early feedback from the events hosted via our Master Dealer base has been excellent with flawless operation and serviceability at range events.” The KDS9c will be available in states with capacity restrictions with a 10-round magazine.

Kimber has long been known for tremendous quality and high style in 1911’s and hunting rifles. And have, in recent years etched a name for themselves with revolvers. Ron Dudzic, Director of Product Development stated: “The KDS9c is a performance driven 9mm. The grip and balance are class-leading making this pistol comfortable to shoot with low recoil. A bull barrel and adjustable sights ensure shots on target every time. This is a great-looking pistol that delivers what every serious shooter wants and needs!” The new KDS9c looks to usher in another cornerstone of quality and performance for the already storied brand. For more information on the KDS9c, the new K6xs, or other premium firearms, please visit

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