Kimber Partners with 15-time USPSA Grand Master Frank Proctor.

Kimber Partners with 15-time USPSA Grand Master Frank Proctor.

Kimber, Mfg., Inc. announced that Frank Proctor has joined the Kimber team as a strategic partner and advisor for product development.

Frank Proctor is a 15 Time USPSA Grandmaster and retired Green Beret. His extensive expertise and years of experience in the field of dynamic competitive shooting will help create world class products that will take the Kimber brand into the realm of high-speed competitive shooting.

Frank Proctor stated: “I’m extremely excited about the partnership with Kimber firearms. I’ve been a professional shooter for just over 20 years now and that entire time shooting has also been a passion. I have always seen guns as tool of the trade and as such I’ve always wanted tools that make it easier and more pleasurable to shoot. In the time that I have been meeting with all of the folks at Kimber I have been very impressed with what I have seen in regard to upcoming innovations, quality of manufacturing and just really good people. As a shooter I am very excited about the things that will be coming from Kimber in the near future!”

2024 has become a year of reinvention for the Kimber brand. What was traditionally a direct to dealer company has now activated several additional two-step distribution partners. Kimber has also greatly increased their legacy Master Dealer support. Plus, a complete brand change has taken place with retail packaging and product presentation that is also anchored by greater in-store retail support. This is all in preparation for a new era for the brand and upcoming partnerships, launches and direction.

Everett Deger Director of Marketing and Communications stated: “Frank Proctor is a legend in the shooting community and has single handedly created a small arms philosophy that thousands of professionals have come to trust and emulate. His experience in the military and his spectacular mindset when it comes to mastering the dynamics of shooting targets accurately and quickly made him our first choice when it came to the best fit to partner with the Kimber team!”

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