Kimber Begins Shipping New K6xs Revolver

Kimber, Mfg., Inc., has begun to ship the highly anticipated K6xs 6-round revolver. This new product complements the already successful revolver category for Kimber who has earned the position as the largest manufacturer of premium 1911s in the world.

Since its introduction in 2016, the K6S line of revolvers have set a new standard for expectation in flawless operation and superior performance. Now Kimber expands on that successful line with the new K6xs. The new alloy framed revolver is incredibly light, weighing in at only 15.9 ounces. Chambered specifically for 38 special +P, Kimber has ensured that this particular revolver is tailor made for concealed carry. Plus the K6xs is the only revolver in its class that features a 6-round capacity.

Featuring an integral rear sight and melted edges to reduce snagging, the K6xs is purpose built for the concealed carry market. Ron Dudzic, Senior Director of Kimber product development stated the following: “The new K6xs is born from the highly successful K6s .357 Magnum revolver. It was designed to be a superior .38 Special +P concealed carry option with its smooth double action trigger pull and slim six-round profile. This is certain to be a winner among the less feature-rich, common five-round revolvers in this class.”

This product sets a new benchmark for capacity, weight, and superior trigger characteristics which places the K6xs in a class of its own.

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