KGM Suppressors Updated RF22 Rimfire Suppressor

KGM Suppressors announces the return of the RF22 Rimfire Suppressor. With this release, the RF22 has been upgraded to maintain the precision of the original version, with enhanced durability and sound suppression for even greater host firearm compatibility.

Originally engineered for precision rimfire rifles, the RF22 maintains its hallmark accuracy and repeatability, while being strengthened to suppress the new crop of 5.7×28 mm pistols. The latest upgrades ensure superior sound suppression across multiple platforms, guaranteeing a quieter shooting experience without compromising exceptional precision. During internal testing, the RF22 achieved at-ear 115-121 dB ratings with subsonic ammunition out of various .22 LR bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles; and 135 dB out of 5.7×28 mm pistols. With metrics including 5.2” in length, 1.2” in diameter, and 5 oz in weight, the RF22 perfectly balances size, weight, and performance for your favorite rimfire.

“We are thrilled to reintroduce the customer favorite RF22, now with several enhancements designed to meet the evolving needs of shooters,” said Sean Murphy, Director of Sales and Marketing at KGM Suppressors. “Our updates strengthen the suppressor for rigorous use in the growing 5.7×28 mm market while offering enhanced sound reduction on applicable host firearms. We subjected the RF22 to a 1,000-round endurance test, shooting up to 60 shot rapid-fire strings of 5.7×28 mm out of pistols, without issue. Whether you’re a precision shooter or a handgun enthusiast, the RF22 boasts impressive capabilities.”

The RF22 is a user-serviceable suppressor, featuring effortless disassembly and maintenance, even after extensive use. Priced competitively at an MSRP of $450, it stands as a premium suppressor solution for shooters who demand only the best for rimfire and 5.7x28mm firearms.

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