Kahr Firearms Group, Sinner Mass Fabrications Donates Border911 Pistols to “Border911 Gala”

Kahr Firearms Group, Sinner Mass Fabrications Donates Border911 Pistols to “Border911 Gala”

Mar-a-Lago, FL: Kahr Firearms Group was proud to attend the Border911 Gala at Mar-a-Lago, Florida, held by President Trump to enlighten and educate the American public about the imperatives of border security. In support of the President’s efforts to protect the border and win re-election, Kahr Firearms Group partnered with Sinner Mass Fabrications to donate three “Border911” 1911 pistols for the fundraising auction. The combined total fetched for all three pistols was nearly $40,000 for the cause. Sinner Mass Fabrications, led by decorated US Marine Veteran Scout Sniper Luke Hamilton, created these custom engraved Auto-Ordnance firearms. Only three “Border911” 1911s will ever be produced, making them a true collector’s item. Kahr CEO Justin Moon commented while attending the event that, “The challenges we face at our nation’s borders are not only issues of policy, but are deeply woven into the fabric of our national safety and well-being. As a nation we must work together to strengthen border security because it is necessary to protect our country’s values and its citizens.”

A Work of Art and Patriotism

The “Border911” 1911 is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The pistol features beautiful scrollwork on the slide and frame, along with an American flag on the grip panels. The highly polished metal surfaces are then adorned with a clear Cerakote finish. The engraving on the slide reads “America First” and “Border 911,” a powerful symbol of patriotism in these times of crisis. Sinner Mass Fabrications heroic founder Luke Hamilton is a decorated US Marine Scout Sniper Veteran, State Department security specialist, and former contractor for the CIA with 15 tours overseas. The “Border911” pistol is built on the foundation of a legendary platform, the Auto-Ordnance 1911. It includes features desired by modern shooters, such as TruGlo® white 3-dot day sights, a full-length guide rod, a high sweep beavertail, a skeletonized trigger, a checkered front strap, a serrated and ported slide, and a match-grade barrel. It is chambered in .45 ACP.

About Auto-Ordnance

Auto-Ordnance is a legendary American firearms manufacturer, best known for producing the Thompson submachine gun, also known as the “Tommy Gun.” The company was founded in 1916 by John T. Thompson, and has been producing high-quality firearms for over 100 years. Auto-Ordnance offers a wide range of firearms, including 1911 pistols, Thompson submachine guns, M1 Carbines, and AR-15 rifles. The company is committed to producing high-quality firearms that are both reliable and accurate. Auto-Ordnance is headquartered in Greeley, Pennsylvania.

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