Italian Firearms Group and Tanfoglio Announce Stage Sponsorship

The Italian Firearms Group and Tanfoglio are proud to be stage sponsors of the 2023 USPSA-Sig Sauer Carry Optics Nationals. The Nationals event will be held June 22nd-25th in Marengo, Ohio.

“Tanfoglio competition pistols are extremely popular in USPSA competition, and we look forward to supporting the organization and the sport,” said Chris Sherman, IFG General Manager. “We plan to sponsor multiple events this year as well as competing with our own Team Tanfoglio USA.”

Tanfoglio pro shooters Casey Reed, Bobby McGee, Sean Griffith and Stephen Lutman will show up in full force to compete in what’s now the most popular division of USPSA competition. Most Tanfoglio pro shooters will rely on the STOCK Master combined with optics cuts from Patriot Defense and topped off with Trijicon’s SRO (Specialized Reflex Optic).

Available only through IFG’s Defiant line of handguns, the Tanfoglio STOCK Master brings together the ultimate set of features for today’s Production Division Shooter. Available in both small and large frames, as well as Tanfoglio’s full caliber selection – there is a STOCK Master variant to fit almost every shooter. The Defiant STOCK Master takes the frame of a STOCK III and combines it with the highly desirable features found on the STOCK II. Full Conical Bull Barrels with Semi-Polygonal rifling come standard and are lengthened to match the length of the STOCK III frame. The Defiant STOCK Master uses a lightened slide like the one found on the Limited Custom to quicken cycle time and lockup. This model ships with 2 magazines, ambidextrous safeties, hard chromed finishing, fiber optic front sight, and the fully adjustable rear SuperSight.

Tanfoglio and IFG: setting the bar high for serious hand gunners.