Introducing the New Line of FOXTROT Weapon-Mounted Lights

Introducing the New Line of FOXTROT Weapon-Mounted Lights from Sig Sauer

Now available for the P365 (with the proprietary SIG Rail) as well as the P320 and all M1913-railed pistols featuring increased Lumen/Candela power, longer battery life and more.

NEW: FOXTROT2R Weapon-Mounted White Light

Boasting an increased output of 700 Lumens and 20,000 Candela, the all-new FOXTROT2R produces a bright yet focused beam capable of meeting the needs of tactical professionals and firearm enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:

★ 700 Lumens / 20,000 Candela
★ FlexCore allows for 1.5 hours of runtime and for the light to be powered by either the included rechargeable 16340 battery or standard CR123A battery
★ Comes with 2 rail interface inserts for M1913 and non-M1913 rails
NEW: FOXTROT365XR Instant Activated Weapon-Mounted Light
Combining power and versatility in a compact solution designed specifically for SIG SAUER’S P365 Micro-Compact pistol line, the all-new FOXTROT365XR boasts an increased output of 550 Lumens with 17,000 Candela, providing the optimal brightness and throw for everyday carry applications.
Key Features:
★ 550 Lumens / 17,000 Candela
★ Designed to fit the proprietary SIG Rail found on P365 pistols
★ Instant activation tact switch with user-configurable modes
FOXTROT2R Holsters
Choose from a wide selection of leather and composite light-bearing holsters that are designed to fit all models of the FOXTROT2 weapon-mounted light. Available for inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband for P365, P320, P220, P226, and P229 models. FOXTROT365XR-compatible holsters coming soon.