Introducing the GlenDel Half Scale Elk

Introducing the GlenDel Half Scale Elk

Built by the brand who brought bowhunters the industry’s first 3-D archery target with a replaceable 4-sided core, GlenDel® 3-D targets introduces the first-of-its-kind half scale elk.

Utilizing the field-proven design of GlenDel’s PolyFusion™ 4-sided core technology this anatomically-accurate archery target mimics the silhouette of one of North America’s largest big game animals — all without the size or expense of a life-sized version. Constructed of ultra-durable self-healing polyfoam and incorporating GlenDel’s exclusive 12”x12”x12” 4-sided core system, the half scale elk combines easy arrow removal with exceptional target life in a manageable package. Purpose-built to enhance any backyard range, the PolyFusion open layer foam construction used to build the core and vitals, takes open layers of foam and fuses them to the target’s inner wall to increase durability and expand overall target life. With up to 5X the shooting surface, three different vital views give bowhunters life-like aiming solutions at various shot angles, while also to enhancing target durability. The half scale elk offers easy arrow removal and is built to withstand hours, days, weeks, months, and even years, worth of shots, from field points, fixed, and mechanical broadheads.

Though this easy-to-set-up target’s size has been proportionately reduced from its full-sized inspiration, its features are anything by paired back. Sporting a large removable six-point rack the body size simulates a bull weighing approximately 300 pounds, stands 38” inches tall at the shoulder and is the largest in its class. The plastic molded head and legs with a new-and-improved locking system boost rigidity and durability while eliminating excess weight. Enhancing the realism, a life-like paint combination emulates the sand and brown hues found in the wild of this western-inspired 3-D target, while the detailed vital section depicts the location of the heart, lungs and liver at simulated angles. The ultra-durable 4-sided core is easily updated with replaceable vitals, available separately.

The GlenDel half scale elk is available now for an MSRP of $379.99 at the finest retailers nationwide or online at

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