INEOS Debuts Quartermaster Truck

INEOS Debuts Quartermaster Truck

The past 6-7 years have seen a boom of vehicle offerings from most every OEM focused on maximizing the experience while traveling off-pavement. None of these offerings, according to INEOS’ Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe, have been engineered specifically as true hard-working 4x4s with modern day reliability or compliance. Hence, the Grenadier became the vision for Sir Jim and with it, a vision to expand the vehicle’s line-up to meet the demands of modern adventurists. The all-new Quartermaster is a nod to this vision.

Based on the Grenadier station wagon, the new Quartermaster is a true pick-up truck featuring a chassis one foot longer than the Grenadier to accompany the truck’s bed. Two models are avaialble: Trialmaster and Fieldmaster, with an accoutrement of features delivering a truly purpose-built platform that includes:

  • Tow capacity of 7,716lbs.
  • Available payload capacity of 1,889lbs.
  • Solid front and rear axles with available locking differentials (center diff lock is standard)
  • 5-link heavy duty front and rear suspension
  • 400 watt power take off in bed
  • 50.4″ tailgate supporting nearly 500lbs when open
  • Departure and Breakover angles of 22.6  and 26.2 degrees
  • 10.4″ ground clearance with 31.5″wading depth and 36.2 degree approach angle

In keeping with the focus on off-road performance, the Quartermaster shares its architecture and componentry with the award-winning Station Wagon model. It’s powered by the same BMW 3.0-liter turbo-charged inline six-cylinder gas engine, which permanently drives all four wheels through an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission, front, center and rear differential locks, and a two-speed transfer case. It also rides on the same heavy-duty five-link front and rear suspension, and is fitted with the same Carraro-supplied solid beam axles complemented by powerful Brembo brakes and a recirculating ball steering system as its Station Wagon brother.

While the Quartermaster shares the majority of its architecture and components with the rest of the Grenadier line-up, its strong and rigid box-section ladder frame has an extended 127in wheelbase – 12in longer than the Station Wagon. This longer chassis creates a large and highly versatile loadbay, with maximum length, width and height of 61.5in, 63.7in and 19.0in.

With a payload of up to 1,889Ibs, the same 7,716Ibs towing capacity as the Station Wagon, and a wide range of accessories available, the Quartermaster is capable of carrying five people and their bulkiest of loads. The vehicle’s everyday cargo-lugging versatility is assured by four tie-down rings in the loadspace, a 400W power take-off, an integrated mounting bar, and a wide 50.4in tailgate that can support up to 496Ibs when open.

The recirculating ball steering layout features hydraulic assistance, resulting in optimal balance of accuracy, feedback and damping. Ride quality is what you’d expect from a vehicle built on purpose as the Quartermaster, which is to say it’s rigid yet complemented well by the truck’s Recaro seats, built specifically for the Quartermaster.

On the inside, The Quartermaster’s cabin features six grab-handles, six cup/bottle holders, and USB-A and C ports, along with a 12V front socket and two additional charging USB-C ports in the second row. The central stowage compartment located behind the front cupholders is fitted with a lockable lid for enhanced security.

The Quartermaster can be easily washed down, inside and out. Its cabin is designed to be quick and easy to keep clean. A tough barrier in the cargo area prevents water from entering the cabin area. The vehicle floor is completely removable and features multiple interior drain valves so owners can hose out the floor without concerns of damaging interior materials.

Standard fit Bridgestone Dueler AT 001 tires keep the truck firmly planted on varied terrain on the Fieldmaster Edition though BFG KO2 tires come standard on the Trialmaster.

Pricing hasn’t yet been announced for INEOS’ Quartermaster but we expect it to start north of $75k. A full review will be featured in an upcoming issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine. In the meantime, we’re excited to see a venerable offering in the mid-sized market whose pedigree and vision is expected to be second to none.