IHEA-USA and Savage Arms Join Forces to Advance Hunter Education and Safety Initiatives

IHEA-USA and Savage Arms Join Forces to Advance Hunter Education and Safety Initiatives

Lolo, MT –

The International Hunter Education Association – USA (IHEA-USA) proudly announces the expansion of its partnership with Savage Arms, a renowned innovator in firearm manufacturing. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing firearm education and safety initiatives, demonstrating both organizations’ unwavering commitment to promoting safe and responsible practices.

“Savage is proud to continue our support of IHEA and their focus of safely educating the next generation of hunters. Worldwide, IHEA has helped educate tens of thousands of new hunters every year. The safe hunting practices that are taught by these great instructors are creating a strong, safe future for our hunting lifestyle,” said Savage Arms in a statement.

As part of the expanded partnership program, Savage Arms will include a promotional card with every firearm sold, encouraging customers to sign up for the Firearm Fundamentals online courses, provided by IHEA-USA. The courses teach customers safe firearms usage and they are built with and adopted by many state wildlife agencies. These courses are designed to give new hunters and firearm enthusiasts a solid foundation in firearm safety and handling.

In addition to promoting the Firearm Fundamentals course, the promotional cards will provide an option to donate to IHEA-USA directly, further supporting the organization’s efforts to promote hunting safety and conservation. This move underscores Savage Arms’ dedication to hunter education and safety, aligning perfectly with IHEA-USA’s mission to provide comprehensive training and resources for new hunters. By leveraging their extensive reach and influence within the firearm and hunting communities, Savage Arms and IHEA-USA aim to increase safe and responsible firearm ownership, thereby providing future opportunities for everyone.

IHEA-USA Executive Director, Alex Baer, expressed “We are incredibly grateful to Savage Arms for providing this opportunity to educate firearm owners with the Firearm Fundamentals Courses. Savage Arms has been a long-standing partner of IHEA and the Conservation Industry with their support of hunter education instructors, and this partnership further demonstrates their dedication to safety and responsible gun ownership. The Firearm Fundamentals online courses were created to help new gun owners understand their contribution to the North American Model of Conservation, and to quickly gain confidence through an education focusing on safe firearm handling, transportation, storage, and even range expectations. We hope this partnership benefits Savage Arms customers and helps to create safer, more knowledgeable firearm owners.”

The cornerstone of this collaboration are the Firearm Fundamentals Online Courses, accessible to participants in hunting and the shooting sports. These comprehensive online courses equip participants with essential knowledge and skills that will create confident and satisfied gun owners. As more hunters enroll in the course, state agencies will benefit from a more educated and safety-conscious hunting community, contributing to improved safety nationwide. The Firearm Fundamentals courses are available online at

For more information on this partnership or to inquire about the Firearm Fundamentals Courses, please contact Leaha Thomas at

About Savage Arms

Savage Arms, based in Westfield, Massachusetts, has been selling innovative firearms and accessories since its inception in 1894. Rooted in the ethos of its founders, the company embodies the spirit of innovation and practicality, consistently driving towards pioneering advancements in firearm technology. With a team composed not only of skilled engineers but also passionate shooters, hunters, and competitors, Savage Arms merges cutting-edge innovation with real-world experience. This unique collaboration yields purpose-built firearms that are known for performance and reliability, setting them apart in an industry cluttered with pretense and gimmickry. From recreational shooting to self-defense and hunting, Savage Arms delivers products engineered to provide users with the ultimate edge, ensuring that Arthur Savage’s vision continues to thrive in the modern era.


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