Idaho Fish and Game to Stock Banana Trout in Mann Lake

Idaho Fish and Game to Stock Banana Trout in Mann Lake

Back by popular demand, Idaho Fish and Game will stock banana trout in Mann Lake beginning this March. For those who went bananas for these fish last year, keep an eye on theĀ Clearwater regional stocking page.

Like albinism, the color variant of a rainbow trout lack the melanin pigment, which gives them their yellow coloration. This vibrant yellow coloration and the elongated shape of a trout body resembles a banana, giving the fun fish its catchy nickname.

Clearwater staff heard from numerous excited anglers last year, asking Fish and Game to stock banana trout in many other fisheries. However, because banana trout are rainbow trout, they can reproduce with wild fish, such as steelhead. Therefore, we are limited to where we can stock these fish. Mann Lake in Lewiston and Hordemann Pond in Moscow are the only two fisheries we will stock banana trout.

For any questions, or to share fun stories of your banana trout experience, contact the Clearwater Regional office at 208-799-5010.