Huish Outdoors Announces the Next Chapter of Oceanic+ Oceanic+ Now Works With Your iPhone via the New Oceanic+ Dive Housing

Last year, Oceanic partnered with Apple to take its 50 years of dive expertise and created an app that transforms an Apple Watch Ultra into a full-featured dive computer. This innovative partnership sparked widespread interest in scuba diving worldwide and fueled the growth of the sport.

Today the next chapter of Oceanic+ begins with the launch of the new Oceanic+ Dive Housing, available at local retailers in late September, or now for pre-order here. The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is the first of its kind to take full advantage of your iPhone underwater for the best in underwater photography, dive computers, and sharing capabilities so now anyone can share their underwater adventures and stories.
“Oceanic+ has already transformed the way we dive,” said Mike Huish, CEO of Huish Outdoors. “With the new Oceanic+ Dive Housing, it will now change the way we will share our adventures.”

Designed for rugged underwater use, the Oceanic+ Dive Housing is depth rated to 60 meters (196 feet). It features an automatic vacuum pump for air removal along with universal mounting points to accommodate various underwater photo accessories.
The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is equipped with a depth and temperature sensor to enable the Oceanic+ app to transform the diver’s iPhone into a fully functional dive computer. It works with iPhones starting from SE 2nd generation to the latest version using iOS16 and above. Its battery provides a full week of diving and is fully rechargeable in 45 minutes with a standard USB-C cable.

The Oceanic+ app is the heart of the ecosystem for diving with Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone using the Oceanic+ Dive Housing. The new capabilities of the Oceanic+ app allow divers to use both the Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone with Oceanic+ Dive Housing concurrently on the same subscription, giving them the ability to run both dive computers independently at the same time.
The combination of the Oceanic+ App and Dive Housing is powerful in defining how divers will tell their stories about their dive adventures. The logbook now features a carousel of pictures and videos taken during the dive and showcases at what depth and time the media was recorded. For sharing, the diver can overlay the dive profile on top of the photo to tell a more interesting story for their family and friends to enjoy.
“Oceanic+ continues to revolutionize the dive experience, offering underwater capabilities for iPhone. Now divers can save pictures and videos directly to their logbook and easily share their stories with family and friends,” says Nick Hollis, Oceanic Brand Manager.
The cutting-edge Oceanic+ app empowers photographers to capture media files in both compressed and RAW formats, each offering unique benefits to cater to diverse preferences and needs.
“The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is a game-changer for underwater photography enthusiasts. Whether divers prioritize the convenience of automatic color correction or the creative control of RAW, the Oceanic+ app and Oceanic+ Dive Housing have them covered,” says Andrea Silvestri, VP of Product Development and Design at Huish Outdoors.
The Oceanic+ Dive Housing works in connection with the Oceanic+ app. The app is subscription-based and includes a free version and a paid subscription for more advanced photo and dive computer features. The Oceanic+ app can be downloaded here.