Hornady Introduces Patented Drag Variability Reduction Technology

Hornady® is proud to announce Drag Variability Reduction Technology (DVRT™), a patented bullet tip design that increases the uniformity of bullet drag from shot to shot.

The new DVRT™ optimizes the bullet tip shape to provide excellent overall drag and unrivaled bullet to bullet consistency. Specifically, the meplat must be flat – not pointed – and the diameter of the flat meplat is a specific ratio to the bullet diameter. This new technology decreases the drag variation from shot to shot, resulting in less dispersion at long range.

After development and refinement of this new technology in 2018, it was immediately implemented into the Heat Shield® Tip design and in the A-Tip® Match bullet while the patent was pending. Now, with the patent issued, we can publish the science and benefits of Drag Variability Reduction Technology.

“As a bullet company, Hornady has always prided itself on innovation and we are always looking to push the boundaries of bullet design. This is evident with our recent innovations of the A-Tip Match bullet and Heat Shield Tip technology and also in past innovations like InterLock and the secant ogive,” said Jason Hornady, Vice President at Hornady. “The new DVRT is yet another groundbreaking innovation from Hornady and a significant addition to the field of ballistics” he added.

Drag Variability Reduction Technology is available in the following product lines:


  • A-Tip® Match
  • ELD-X®
  • ELD® Match
  • ELD-VT™
  • CX™


  • Precision Hunter®
  • Match™
  • Outfitter®
  • Superformance® (CX™ loads)
  • V-Match™
  • Hornady BLACK®

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