Honor a Veteran in Trucking with a Free Vietnam Trip

Honor a Veteran in Trucking with a Free Vietnam Trip


KANSAS CITY, MO. – WHAT: It is with great pleasure that we announce a special, all-expenses paid trip for honorably discharged veterans in the trucking industry to Vietnam from November 4th to November 12th.

Veterans In Trucking has joined forces with Waypoint Vets and FASTPORT to offer veterans an opportunity to share their stories of service in the military for their chance to win this adventure of a lifetime.

To share your story of service please email

The journey will involve 10 veterans and will include both historical expeditions and wonderful outdoor adventures. This is an opportunity for veterans to connect with their peers, share their stories, and experience the healing power of nature.

Submissions are open and winners of the trip will be announced on July 20th. Interested veterans can visit for more information and can share their stories here.

Veterans In Trucking is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for veterans to share their experiences and bond with one another. The trip is designed to help veterans find peace and closure after their time in the service.

WHO: Veterans In Trucking invites all honorably discharged veterans in the trucking industry who have served their country with honor to apply for this unique opportunity. The tour is designed to give back to the veterans who have given so much to our country. This is an opportunity for veterans in the trucking industry to share their stories of honorable service and to connect with other like-minded individuals.

HOW TO WIN: To be considered for this trip veterans must share their story of serving honorably in either the military or the trucking industry. The trip is open to all veterans in the trucking industry that were honorably discharged from the military.

WHERE: Veterans will explore the rugged beauty and rich history of Vietnam. Veterans In Trucking is proud to honor the heroic service of our veterans by providing them with an unforgettable adventure that celebrates their contributions to our nation.

The tour will explore some of Vietnam’s most beautiful destinations, and the expedition will be tailored specifically to the experiences of the attendees who served in Vietnam. Along the way, the group will have the opportunity to learn about Vietnam’s rich history and culture, as well as experience its natural wonders.

Activities will include light hiking, and exploring the stunning landscapes of Vietnam. This time in nature is meant to provide veterans with a chance to find peace and healing.

About Veterans In Trucking: This special journey is being organized by Veterans in Trucking, a group dedicated to supporting veterans in the trucking industry. Veterans in Trucking is dedicated to supporting our country’s heroes through programs that recognize their service while providing resources and support to help veterans succeed in the trucking industry and beyond.

For more information, please visit the Veterans In Trucking website at

*All participants must be in moderately good health and must obtain a passport in order to participate in adventures. No animals of any kind will be permitted on this trip in deference to local traditions and the inherent trip logistical limitations.