Hobie Adds Kristine Fischer to Pro Team

Hobie Adds Kristine Fischer to Pro Team

Oceanside, CA – Hobie® Eyewear, a leading name in performance eyewear, proudly announces the latest addition to their pro roster, angler Kristine Fischer. Fischer’s partnership with Hobie Eyewear marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to supporting influential figures in the dynamic world of competitive pro-fishing and kayak angling.

Hailing from Weeping Water, Nebraska, Kristine has carved a mark in kayak bass tournaments. Departing from the conventional path a few years ago, Fischer abandoned the corporate grind to embark on a journey that would redefine her life – hitting the road to compete in kayak tournaments. Since 2017, she has shattered barriers in the sport, showcasing her prowess across renowned national tournament trails such as KBF, Hobie® B.O.S., and B.A.S.S. With a staggering 136 tournaments under her belt, Fischer has claimed six first-place victories and an impressive 44 top-10 finishes. Notably, she etched her name in history by becoming the first female to clinch one of the most coveted titles in professional tournament kayak fishing at Lake Eufaula. The 2021 Hobie® Bass Open Series (BOS) Tournament of Champions witnessed Fischer’s triumph, where she outshone the competition and secured the crown and a grand prize of $35,000.

Fischer’s success continued at this year’s first Hobie® Bass Open Series tournament at Harris Chain, FL, where she secured a remarkable 7th-place finish. Her performance at these events underscores her exceptional talent and determination to excel in every aspect of the sport.

Kristine is also venturing into bass boat tournaments for the first time this year. In her inaugural Bassmaster Open tournament at Lake Okeechobee, FL, Fischer secured a commendable 17th-place finish as a co-angler, showcasing her prowess and adaptability in various fishing environments.

Upon joining forces with Hobie® Eyewear, Fischer expressed her enthusiasm for the brand’s innovative eyewear technology. She shared, “There’s something about the way the Sightmaster™ Plus lens just gives me better ‘eyes’ on what’s going on below the surface. They’re my favorite lens Hobie® Eyewear offers. I also appreciate how lightweight and comfortable the frames are for all-day wear!”

Dylan Coates, Marketing Manager for Hobie® Eyewear, expressed the company’s excitement about welcoming Kristine Fischer to their pro roster. He stated, “We’re thrilled to welcome Kristine Fischer to our pro roster, recognizing her not only as an accomplished angler but as a trailblazer who has paved the way for female athletes in the dynamic world of fishing and kayak angling. Kristine’s dedication, skill, and passion for the sport align seamlessly with our values, and we are proud to have her on board as she continues to make waves in the fishing community.”

In addition to her achievements and new partnership, Fischer actively engages with the fishing community through various platforms. Her YouTube video from the Hobie® Bass Open Series event provides an insightful glimpse into her journey and experiences:
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Hobie® Eyewear continues to be a driving force in the eyewear industry, providing anglers and outdoor enthusiasts with cutting-edge technology to enhance their vision and performance. The collaboration with Kristine Fischer underscores the brand’s commitment to supporting athletes who embody the spirit of adventure, skill, and passion for the great outdoors.

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