High Speed Gear Provides Holster Solution for the Taser 10

High Speed Gear Provides Holster Solution for the Taser 10

Swansboro, NC –– High Speed Gear®, a leader in tactical gear and accessories, announces the latest addition to their innovative Uniform Line: the Taser 10 Holster. This holster is engineered with optimal retention and rapid deployment at its core, setting a new standard for law enforcement and security professionals.

The Taser 10 Holster is meticulously designed and offers both a 30-degree and 45-degree belt mount cross draw option, ensuring versatility and adaptability for various operational needs.

Key features include:

  • MOLLE and Belt Mount Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with a wide range of tactical gear and uniform setups, providing unmatched flexibility.
  • 30 and 45 Degree Belt Mount Cross Draw Option with PLM Mount: Customizable draw angles enhance accessibility and comfort, tailored to individual preferences and mission requirements.
  • Universal Clip Mount for 0 and 90 Degree Options: Allows users to position the holster according to their tactical needs, ensuring quick and efficient access.
  • Auto Safety Engagement When Holstered: An automatic safety feature engages upon holstering, ensuring the Taser remains secure until needed.
  • Intuitive Master Grip Design: Simplifies the disengagement process, allowing for swift, seamless deployment in high-stress situations.
  • Partially Muzzled Bottom: Protects the probes while allowing dirt and debris to flow freely, maintaining functionality in diverse environments.

“Our goal is to provide law enforcement and security professionals with the best tools possible to perform their duties safely and effectively. The Taser 10 Holster embodies this commitment, combining superior retention, rapid deployment, and versatile mounting options,” said Bill Babboni, CRO of High Speed Gear.

The Taser 10 Holster is now available through High Speed Gear’s website and authorized dealers. For more information, visit or contact the HSG customer service team at