Hi-Point JXP 10mm Wins 2024 Hunt Alaska Editor's Choice Award

Hi-Point JXP 10mm Wins 2024 Hunt Alaska Editor’s Choice Award

Hi-Point Firearms, marketed by MKS Supply, is thrilled to receive the Editor’s Choice Award from Hunt Alaska Magazine for the Hi-Point JXP 10mm pistol. This accolade is a testament to the JXP 10mm’s superior design, reliability and effectiveness as a bear-protection option for outdoor enthusiasts.

For years, bear protection for anglers and outdoor adventurers typically involved bear spray and big revolvers, such as those chambered in .44 Magnum and up. However, Hunt Alaska Magazine has recognized the growing trend and benefits of using 10mm semi-auto pistols as a viable alternative. The JXP 10mm, when loaded with the right bullets, provides significant advantages in life-or-death situations, offering more rounds than a typical revolver.

Hunt Alaska Magazine’s testing revealed several key benefits of the JXP 10mm:

  • Comparable Weight: The JXP 10mm weighs the same as a .44 Magnum revolver, ensuring no additional carry weight for users.
  • Increased Capacity: Featuring a 10-round magazine, the JXP 10mm provides more ammunition than standard revolvers, which can be crucial in critical situations.
  • Threaded Barrel: The JXP 10mm comes with a threaded barrel (.578 x 28), offering versatility for attachments.
  • Safety and Compatibility: It includes a thumb safety and locks open after the last round is fired. Additionally, the magazines are compatible with Hi-Point’s 10mm carbines.
  • Accessory Rail: A lower Picatinny rail is available for adding accessories such as lights or lasers.
  • Reliable Performance: Extensive testing showed that the JXP 10mm performed accurately at 30 feet and operated flawlessly without jamming.
  • Price Point: The Hi-Point JXP 10 comes in at more than half the cost of any other 10mm semi-auto pistol on the market making it a great choice for carry as a side arm.

“We are incredibly honored to receive this recognition from Hunt Alaska Magazine,” said Kara Boesenberg, EVP MKS Supply. “The JXP 10mm was designed to offer reliability and peace of mind for those venturing into bear country, and this award validates our commitment to providing quality and dependable firearms.”

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