HEVI-Shot Signs Country Music Singer-Songwriter Shane Profitt as Brand Ambassador

HEVI-Shot Signs Country Music Singer-Songwriter Shane Profitt as Brand Ambassador

HEVI-Shot recently signed popular singer-songwriter—and avid sportsman—Shane Profitt as the company’s newest brand ambassador.

“Shane has been a huge fan of our ammo and a dedicated social follower of our social media posts for quite some time now,” said HEVI-Shot Marketing Manager Tina Larsen. “This collaboration will be heavy on social media efforts. We love to share his images and videos on our channels. He is very enthusiastic and we love to see his successful hunts and authentic, real-world reactions to our products.”

Profitt is a singer-songwriter from Columbia, Tennessee, who grew up in a blue-collar, hard-working lifestyle, and is also an avid hunter and fisherman. He is a salt-of-the-earth southerner with a straight-shooting swagger and a kind smile. Signed to Nashville Harbor Records & Entertainment, the 24-year-old is rocking sold-out crowds and writing modern, genuine country songs, with tracks like “Better Off Fishin’,” “Guys Like Me,” and Top 15 Country radio single “How It Oughta Be.”

Some popular HEVI-Shot products Profitt has used in the field include HEVI-18 and Magnum Blend for turkey hunting and HEVI-XII for waterfowl.

HEVI-18 TSS Turkey uses high-density 18 g/cc pellets and friction-reducing spherical buffer to extend effective range beyond what’s ever been possible. Pushed at high velocities, TSS pellets carry more energy farther downrange.

HEVI-Shot Magnum Blend combines No. 5, 6, and 7 shot cast from 12 g/cc tungsten. The heavy, high-density payloads offer as many as 448 pellets in a single 12-gauge 3-inch shell. Dollar for dollar, it’s certainly a lethal turkey load.

HEVI-XII is loaded with HEVI-Shot’s original 12 g/cc tungsten that’s 53.8 percent denser than steel, these loads double the downrange energy, hitting waterfowl harder from a longer distance.

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