Heritage Manufacturing Presents the SETTLER Family: Authentic Lever Action Style Firearms

Heritage Manufacturing Presents the SETTLER Family: Authentic Lever Action Style Firearms

[Bainbridge, GA, September 28, 2023] – Heritage Manufacturing, celebrated for its commitment to the timeless appeal of Western-style firearms, proudly presents its debut collection of classic case-hardened lever action guns – the SETTLER family. This series includes the Heritage SETTLER (20-inch), Heritage SETTLER Compact (16.5-inch), and the Heritage Mares Leg (12.5-inch), marking a significant milestone as Heritage Manufacturing introduces its first-ever lever action firearms designed to offer simplicity, reliability, and an authentic Old West experience.

Key Differences:

  • SETTLER (20-inch): The SETTLER features a full-length 20-inch barrel, delivering exceptional accuracy and power for aficionados of traditional Western firearms. Its classic design pays homage to the iconic guns of the Old West.
  • SETTLER Compact (16.5-inch): The SETTLER Compact strikes a balance between maneuverability and accuracy with its 16.5-inch barrel. Perfect for enthusiasts who appreciate the Old West heritage, it offers reliability in a compact, easy-to-handle package.
  • Mares Leg (12.5-inch): The Mare’s Leg, with its unique 12.5-inch barrel, offers quick handling and is ideal for snap shots at wily varmints or just having a blast at the range. Its distinctive design harkens back to the guns of the Wild West era and features a saddle ring, making it easier to carry while on horseback or around the ranch.

Heritage’s introduction of the new Settler series is guided by our vision to honor the authentic spirit of the American West,” said Laura Prieto, Heritage Marketing Communications Coordinator. “We believe this line of rifles will resonate with our customers as well as our beloved Rough Rider revolvers have.


The Heritage Settler series is accessible at select retailers and on Heritage Manufacturing’s official website,

About Heritage Manufacturing:

Heritage Manufacturing specializes in producing firearms that are rich in character, reflecting the enduring spirit of the Western era. Our creations are not just products but are storytellers, resonating with the charm and individuality of the Old West, cherished by both connoisseurs and new enthusiasts.

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