Gunner Kennel for K9s

According to the Bark Buckle UP advocacy group, in a vehicle accident at 35 miles per hour, an unrestrained 60 pound dog can become 2,700 pounds of projectile.


Gunner Kennels are the first and only double wall rotomoulded kennels on the market and boast a 5 Star Crash Test Certification from the Center For Pet Safety.


Testing includes a 630 pound sled dropped from over 8 feet, a 200-foot cliff drop, 4,000 pounds of force and a 12-gauge shot gun blast. 


Gunner kennels aren’t just tough.  They offer amenities for your dog as well like a fan, water dish, bite guards, weather shields, and comfort pads.  You can even get a custom laser engraved name tag for your best friend’s kennel. 

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