Gun Tote’n Mamas Announces Expansion into Sportsman’s Warehouse

Gun Tote’n Mamas Announces Expansion into Sportsman’s Warehouse

Gun Tote’n Mamas™, the leading provider of women’s protection solutions, is excited to announce its expansion into Sportsman’s Warehouse, making its high-quality concealed carry products more accessible to customers nationwide.

When it comes to personal safety, purchasing a reliable and durable concealed carry product is essential. Gun Tote’n Mamas (GTM) bags provide customers with the tools they need to confidently carry their firearms, ensuring peace of mind in any situation. With a wide range of thoughtfully made and rigorously tested CCW products, GTM is the perfect choice for anyone looking to prioritize personal safety without compromising on style.

Made from curated leather, these bags are not only stylish but also low maintenance and built to last. Each purse is meticulously crafted by the founder, who handpicks hides, determines construction, based on years in Luggage manufacturing, and creates structure to ensure that every bag meets the highest standards.

“At GTM, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our bags are designed to provide a seamless and secure carrying experience, empowering women to protect themselves with confidence, and can trust that they are investing in the highest rated product in the market.” said Claudia Chisholm, President of GTM.

To guarantee the utmost reliability and safety, GTM bags undergo thorough testing by experienced firearm training professionals. Contrary to common misconceptions, we have successfully developed a system that allows for left, right and top drawability. This ambidextrous design ensures quick and easy access to your firearm when you need it most.

With over 40 years of experience in luggage construction, GTM understands the importance of durability. These bags have a remarkable 0.01% return rate, a testament to their exceptional quality standards. By choosing a GTM bag, Sportsman’s Warehouse customers can trust that they are investing in a product that has undergone peak construction and testing.

“With this rapidly growing market, we are offering essential needs of female firearm owners. We’re thrilled to be selling in Sportsman’s Warehouse, one of America’s top Outdoors retailers,” said Chisholm.

GTM bags are designed with security in mind. The shoulder straps are reinforced with 11 individual wires twisted together, making them slash-resistant and capable of carrying the weight of the purse, including a firearm, an extra magazine, and other self-defense essentials. The gun compartments feature only nylon coil zippers, ensuring reliable and quick access to your firearm in critical moments.

One customer shared their experience, stating, “I picked up this purse to go along with my GLOCK 43 as well as a revolver. Both guns fit nicely. I like how you can POSITION the holster at any angle that is comfortable for the user. The gun compartment has a zipper that gives you full access so you can easily position the holster and gun. This bag has lots of room to fit all of your everyday needs, along with your weapon. Everything stays SECURELY in the bag!”

Visit the GTM Dealer Locator to explore the wide range of GTM concealed carry handbags With their exceptional quality, functionality and stylish designs, GTM bags are the perfect choice for anyone looking to prioritize personal safety without compromising on style.

Gun Tote’n Mamas remains committed to prioritizing women’s protection and providing a practical and reliable way to step out in style. For more information about GTM Original and its services, visit or call 847-446-0700 Ext. 105.