Gun Rights Champion Award Received by Dianna Muller

Gun Rights Champion Award Received by Dianna Muller

Washington, D.C. – Dianna Muller, founder of the DC Project, Women for Gun Rights, received the “Gun Rights Champion Award” from the Second Amendment Institute (SAI), presented by their founder Tyler Yzaguierre. This well-deserved honor recognizes Muller’s ongoing dedication to safeguarding the Second Amendment.

Muller accepted this award alongside Representative Chip Roy (TX) for his defense of the Second Amendment in Congress. The DC Project Arizona State Director and SAI Board Member Cheryl Todd, DC Project Southwest Regional Director Staci Claunch, and DC Project Maryland State Director Karla Mooney were also in attendance.

“It is an honor to be recognized, but this award goes out to all the leadership and members of the DC Project that are showing up and making a difference in their communities across the nation.” said Muller upon receiving this award.

Muller’s leadership and dedication have not only raised awareness about the vital role women play in the firearms community, but also have also helped break down stereotypes and dispel misconceptions surrounding gun ownership. Her tireless efforts have grown into an influential and vibrant movement, encompassing women from all walks of life who are passionate about standing up for their rights. Through grassroots initiatives, partnering with educational programs, and effective advocacy, Muller has garnered a diverse community of women who are determined to make a lasting impact on firearm-related policies and public opinion.

The DC Project, Women for Gun Rights celebrates Muller’s well-deserved recognition as the “Gun Rights Champion” by the Second Amendment Institute. We are immensely proud of her remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to preserving our fundamental rights. Her exemplary leadership continues to inspire and empower women to be active participants in the ongoing fight for gun rights.

The DC Project is a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment. A non-partisan initiative of daughters, mothers, and sisters that believes education is the key to firearm safety and violence prevention, not legislation. We counter the disinformation gun control groups circulate by informing our friends, families, communities, and legislators with the truth that gun rights are human rights.

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