GRITR Range Announces USPSA & IDPA Shooting Competitions in May

GRITR Range, a premier indoor shooting range and gun training facility in DFW, Texas, is thrilled to announce two shooting competitions scheduled for the second half of May.

On May 21, GRITR Range will host the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) competition. This event invites participants to engage in courses that test speed, accuracy, and power across multiple targets. The USPSA competition is perfect for anyone looking to push their shooting abilities to the limit in a fast-paced, competitive setting.

Following the USPSA match, on May 28, the Cross Timbers Action Shooting Association will host an International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) competition at GRITR Range. Similar to the USPSA event, this competition involves engaging multiple targets in a dynamic environment.

GRITR Range looks forward to welcoming participants and spectators to these exciting events. For more information, visit

About GRITR Range

GRITR Range is an indoor shooting range and gun training center in DFW, Texas. The facility features numerous static lanes where visitors can practice with their own guns or with rental firearms. Additionally, GRITR has dynamic range equipped with 360-degree turning targets and pre-set run tracks used for defense and tactical training courses.

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