Go Big or Go Home: 16" Flying Fish Lure

Go Big or Go Home: 16″ Flying Fish Lure from Savage Gear

Renowned for helping anglers relentlessly pursue the most thrilling catches in daring locations, Savage Gear has once again surpassed expectations with the introduction of the ultimate saltwater flying fish soft lure. Destined to captivate anglers with its unparalleled realism and cutting-edge features, the Savage Gear BFT Flyer is setting its sights on being the ultimate offshore lure for conquering the mightiest big-game species.

With a reputation for providing anglers with the tools needed to pursue large fish, Savage Gear’s BFT Flyer is no exception, delivering an unrivaled fishing experience that encapsulates the spirit of “Go big or go home”. At the heart of the BFT Flyer’s exceptional performance lies its excellent design, which is based on a meticulous 3D scan of an actual flying fish. By capturing the intricate movement patterns of these majestic creatures, Savage Gear has crafted a lure that mimics a flying fish’s actions with astonishing realism. The 16-inch Flyer’s wings and soft body design not only contribute to its lifelike appearance but also enhance its durability, ensuring it can withstand the force of even the most ferocious strikes.

Equipped with removable wings and a harness, the 16-inch BFT Flyer accurately emulates a flying fish in both appearance and action in the water. It is highly adaptable and can be presented in several ways, either trolling, or fished from a kite, with a variety of rigging options to suit your specific technique of fishing. The dynamic actions of this lure serve as a powerful attractant for predatory fish such as tuna, billfish and other impressive saltwater species.

One of the standout features of the BFT Flyer is its line-thru design. When a fish takes the lure and becomes hooked, the Flyer surges up the leader, preventing the fish from utilizing the lure’s weight as leverage during the fight. This innovative mechanism ensures that anglers maintain control throughout the battle, increasing the chances of landing their trophy catch.

“We worked with a highly skilled team that specializes in catching giant bluefin tuna, and harnessing the meal that they love to feast on the most.” Says Theis Gronemann, Marketing Manager for Savage Gear. “The BFT Flyer is finely tuned for both topwater trolling and kite fishing, and will exceed the success of anything currently available.”

To further enhance the angling experience, the BFT Flyer comes complete with an additional set of wings, an extra rig, and the parts needed for easy rigging. This allows anglers to adapt the lure’s presentation to suit specific fishing conditions and species, providing versatility and flexibility on every expedition.

BFT Flyer Key Features:

  • Based on 3D Scans of a real flying fish
  • Line thru system
  • Designed for topwater trolling and lure fishing
  • Durable PVC body construction
  • Semi-soft PVC wings
  • Super strong removable rigging
  • Additional set of wings, an extra rig, and the parts needed for easy rigging
  • 16-inch body with 16-inch wingspan

Available: September 2023
MSRP: $150.00

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