Global Defense R2000 308

Global Defense R2000 308

Pompano Beach, FL –– Global Defense in partnership with Rhineland Arms, is delighted to announce that the R2000 308 version is now available for pre-order. This is a pre-sale for the first 25 chassis with the serial numbers starting at 001-R308 and going in sequence. The R2000 chassis is the next evolution of the AR10 rifle that takes its design cue from the incredible Wa2000 and is now in 308.

The shipping time frame is expected to be around late August/mid-September. The 308 pattern R2000 is built around the full-size AR10 parts and uses the SR25 magazines. Each rifle comes with everything Rhineland Arms has learned and upgraded on the first R2000s including a steel barrel nut, upgraded spanner wrench, the ability to take Ambi safeties, and the use anti-walk pins for the trigger group. The R2000 308 kits are designed for your AR parts and are extremely easy to assemble, usually just taking minutes. You must provide the AR10 bolt carrier group, trigger, barrel, and recoil spring/buffer, which gives you the ability to customize to your needs.

Jordan Young, CEO of Global Defense says, “A BIG thanks to our partners at Rhineland Arms for this incredible milestone. This new R2000 has been requested from us by everyone we work with, and we couldn’t be happier to finally start the pre-orders. This announcement has been a long time coming. We look forward to the release.”

For more information or to place an order, please visit, call (954) 532-7621, or email

About Global Defense: Established in 2015, Global Defense was founded to provide unique and custom solutions to the firearms and ammunition industry. Import, Export, and Wholesale Distributor of firearms, parts, accessories, ammunition, and specialized equipment for Commercial, Military, and Law Enforcement markets globally.

About Rhineland Arms: Rhineland Arms is a firearms design and manufacturing company. They are located in Texas and provide gun enthusiasts options for creating unique firearms and reloading supplies including our new bullet designs. Their products enable customers to refurbish or modify curio-relics, Mauser, Savage, Remington, and HK rifles to a functional firearm.