Global Defense Becomes International Exports Partner for GOSAFE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

GOSAFE Technologies, Inc., a new firearm security company focused on products, training and risk mitigation, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Global Defense, a renowned provider of comprehensive global solutions to the firearms and defense industries. Global Defense will partner with GOSAFE as their International Exports partner.

GOSAFE has redefined firearms security with its cutting-edge technology that integrates a mobile safe within the firearm itself, accessible only through a unique-to-user key. This innovative solution offers unmatched levels of protection, enabling firearm owners to safeguard their weapons while ensuring quick and secure access when necessary. GOSAFE’s commitment to revolutionizing firearms security aligns perfectly with Global Defense’s mission of providing unparalleled solutions to the firearms and defense industries.

Commenting on the partnership, CEO Jordan Young expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I first heard about the GOSAFE products a few years ago and was fascinated by the design and innovative locking feature. Gun safety and security can never be overlooked whether at home, on the job, or in the field. Security is one of the firearm owners’ key responsibilities. When Mr. Chris Carlberg called, I learned GOSAFE MOBILE MAG and MOBILE SAFE are now being deployed across the U.S., and I was thrilled to hear. I truly believe the GOSAFE devices will be the new standard in firearms security for gun owners for generations to come, and Global Defense is proud to be the export partner for the GOSAFE line in the expansion into Governmental and Commercial markets globally.”

Global Defense has a longstanding reputation as a trusted provider of comprehensive solutions to the firearms and defense industries, offering an array of cutting-edge products and services. As the International Exports partner for GOSAFE, Global Defense will leverage its extensive global network, expertise in logistics, and commitment to exceptional service to facilitate the distribution of GOSAFE’s groundbreaking products worldwide. Attendees of Enforce TAC and IWA will find GOSAFE products on display inside the Global Defense booth at both of these international trade shows, slated for February 2024.

For more information about GOSAFE, please click here.