GForce Arms Giving Away New Hunting Shotgun at SquadFest 2023

GForce Arms Giving Away New Hunting Shotgun at SquadFest 2023

GForce Arms, a renowned manufacturer and importer specializing in top-notch firearms, is excited to announce its participation at the highly anticipated Squad Fest 2023, proudly presented by Dive Bomb Industries. The event is scheduled to take place on July 28th and 29th in the vibrant city of St. Peters, MO. As a major highlight of the event, attendees will be treated to an up-close and personal look at the cutting-edge GFORCE ONE inertia operated waterfowl shotgun, the latest addition to the impressive GForce Arms hunting line.

Enthusiasts and hunters alike will have the unique opportunity to witness the unmatched craftsmanship and innovative features of the GFORCE ONE shotgun, designed to elevate the hunting experience to new heights. To make the event even more thrilling, GForce Arms will be generously giving away five of their prized GFORCE ONE shotguns to lucky winners at the show.

For those eager to enter the giveaway, the process is straightforward and exciting. Visitors at the GForce Arms booth will simply need to scan a provided QR code and complete the quick and easy entry form. This straightforward method ensures that attendees have a fair chance to win this remarkable firearm, perfectly complementing their passion for hunting and shooting sports.

Squad Fest 2023 promises to be an unforgettable gathering for all firearms enthusiasts, and with GForce Arms showcasing their top-of-the-line GFORCE ONE shotgun and offering a thrilling giveaway, it is an event that no shooting aficionado should miss. Whether you’re an experienced hunter, a firearms collector, or simply someone with a keen interest in high-quality weaponry, GForce Arms’ presence at Squad Fest 2023 is sure to be a highlight, setting the stage for an exhilarating celebration of all things related to firearms and hunting.

See you at Squad Fest 2023 and Good Luck!