General Purpose Suppressor from RD

RD has just launched their new General Purpose Suppressor which is designed for use with both rifles as well as belt-fed guns in 7.62mm to 8.6mm. It integrates their forward venting, Breathable Technology to negate the effects of back pressure.

Made from Haynes 282 / Ti64, this 3D printed suppressor weighs 23.5 ounces and is 7.5″ long. It attaches to the weapon via their taper lock, RD KFM-MG QD Flash Hider.

To help mitigate the thermal signature produced by the suppressor, they’ve also used a proprietary I/R non- reflective coating.

Attendees at next week’s NDIA Future Forces Capabilities range day in Huntsville will get to try the General Purpose Suppressor out.

RD expects the GPS to be available for order no later than AUSA or early to mid October 2023.

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