Gambler Announces FFS Hollow Hover Min-O

Gambler Announces FFS Hollow Hover Min-O

Pompano Beach, FL – Gambler Lures, a leader in innovative fishing tackle, is proud to announce the launch of the FFS Hollow Hover Min-O, the newest addition to their forward-facing line of terminal tackle and soft plastics. This innovative soft plastic lure is designed to meet the evolving needs of anglers seeking larger baits for forward facing offerings, more versatile rigging options, and greater lure diversity overall when it comes to the “ball head minnow” or hover rig techniques currently so popular in bass fishing.

“After a lot of feedback from Gambler fans, we felt like there was a gap in the forward-facing lure market when it came to larger baits and alternative presentations to full body minnows,” said Val Osinski, owner of Gambler Lures. “The Hollow Hover Min-O fills that gap perfectly.”

The FFS Hollow Hover Min-O offers a multitude of rigging possibilities, from traditional jig heads to the innovative Hover Hook. Its unique hollow body construction provides a slower Rate of Fall (ROF), allowing anglers to utilize heavier Hover Hooks without compromising the lure’s natural appearance. This feature ensures that the rig maintains a realistic profile in the water, increasing the chances of attracting bigger fish.

The Hollow Hover Min-O is available in two sizes: a standard 3.5″ version and an upscale 4.5″ version. These sizes cater to anglers employing the “Hover Strolling” technique, enabling them to use medium to larger baits with the same effective principles.

Offering anglers the versatility and performance needed to target bigger fish, the FFS Hollow Hover Min O matches the current consumer demand for more specialized lures built specifically to catch bass on forward facing sonar. Whether you are a “mom and pop” dealer or a national vendor the Hollow Hover Min O is the perfect way to start tapping into the demand for forward facing specific baits.

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