G9 Defense 9mm EHP : Introducing the External Hollow Point – The Ultimate Ammunition for Law Enforcement

In the world of law enforcement, every decision matters. When lives are on the line, you need ammunition that delivers unmatched precision and terminal performance. Introducing the External Hollow Point (EHP), the ultimate ammunition for law enforcement professionals.

The EHP is the result of years of development and testing, designed to provide you with the ideal bullet for your duty weapon. Our commitment to your safety and effectiveness has led us to create this groundbreaking product.

What makes the External Hollow Point so exceptional? Let’s break it down:

  1. Precision Machined: Each EHP is crafted with meticulous precision to ensure consistent performance and accuracy, shot after shot.
  2. Solid Copper Construction: The EHP is built from solid copper, offering unmatched durability and reliable expansion upon impact.
  3. Shape Charge Technology: Our patented design incorporates Shape Charge Technology, enabling reliable penetration through common barriers like windshields, sheet metal, and drywall, without sacrificing lethality on target or risking over-penetration.

When the stakes are high, you can trust the External Hollow Point to perform flawlessly, delivering the stopping power you need while minimizing the risk to bystanders.

WHAT OFFICERS ARE SAYING: The EHP has become a game-changer for us. It’s versatile and reliable, making it perfect for a variety of situations. The confidence it gives you when you know your ammunition can handle the job—there’s nothing like it.

Whether you’re on duty, facing critical incidents, or training for the unexpected, the External Hollow Point is the ammunition that law enforcement professionals can depend on.

The External Hollow Point is available now through our authorized dealers and online retailers. For more information and to get your hands on this revolutionary ammunition, visit our website at

Empowering Law Enforcement with the Tools They Deserve.

When you carry the External Hollow Point, you carry confidence.